So far my favourite thing about emacs is that the “GNU and Freedom” help entry is followed immediately by the all caps notice disclaiming any warranty or responsibility for the software at all.

The “GNU and freedom” link doesn’t work. The disclaimer link sure does though.

I am presently not understanding the commitment to the idea that a ‘meta’ key is something that has existed in the wild since 1980.

…. Ah, there it is. The documentation says, right at the top, that pressing ‘h’ will give you a primer for first timers, and what it actually gives you is an error message saying “info file info does not exist”. Now I remember why I started using Vim.

I’m going to push through this but my early impressions are that emacs definitely does not want new users.


Emacs is *incredibly* user-friendly by late-80's standards.

@scruss @mhoye

I've never used VMS. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.


@suetanvil It's basically Windows' CMD, but with file versioning and written in the 1980s. It's rather lovely

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Hmmm. Someone should fork ReactOS, strip out the GUI stuff and turn it back into a VMS-alike.

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