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the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes (via

.... aaaand it crashed 'cos it says the source drive is dodgy

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Refurbing a Mac Classic II. This is not a fast computer.

Going to replace the ~30 year old SCSI hard-drive with a BlueSCSI micro-sd thing. So I'm backing up the existing 40 MB drive. I'm about 90 minutes in, and it's 12% done ...


182 unmarked graves found at location of former residential school in Cranbrook, BC. Lower Kootenay Band says graves detected using ground penetrating radar at former St. Eugene's Mission School, which closed in 1970. (24-hour crisis line for anyone who needs it: 1-866-925-4419)


It's only an unpaid internship if you don't steal enough office supplies is in community hub for 3d makers and aims to make community development workflow for cad to be similar to software development workflow i.e. having diffs, PR request, gitsts for 3d models.


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A news release from Federation of Indigenous First Nations on Wednesday, June 23rd, said that the Cowessess Nation have found hundreds of unmarked graves at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan. (The number is expected to be three times higher than the 215 found recently at the Kamloops Residential school.)

Marieval was created by the Roman Catholic Church and was open for nearly a century, from 1899 until 1997, though it was under Cowessess control from, if I recall correctly, the late 1970s until its closing.

Robert Kakakaway survived Marieval and wrote a memoir:

Here is:a writeup from the nearby University of Regina about the school:


I request that folk share this news and have conversations about it, and work to learn more about the "Indian Wars," which never really ended.


If that 3x estimate is accurate then that will bring the number of indigenous children found in unmarked graves at residential schools in Canda to greater than 1,000 in one month.

The official estimated death toll of the Canadian residential school program is 3,400, with an upper boundary of 6k. That upper boundary would place the fatality rate of Canadian residential schools at more than double the fatality rate of German POW camps for Canadian prisoners during the Second World War.

The purpose of the Canadian residential school program is, today, recognized as an ethnocidal continuation of the Indian Wars, which gives Canada the dubious honour of being the only Western colony-state to acknowledge it took Indigenous children as prisoners of war.
And in fact the tactic of abducting Indigenous children continued long after residential schools closed - from the 60s until the mid-90s, Indigenous children were forced into the adoption system, and from the mid-90s until now mothers have been coerced and tortured in hospitals into giving up their babies.

Hilarious (for now) jingoism coming out of the UK. Govt is encouraging schoolkids to sing a dire nationalistic anthem on "One Britain, One Nation" day, June 25th — forgetting that Scotland's schools break for summer holidays on June 24th

Wayland on Ubuntu remains Utter Shite ... even the Wayland screenshot tool can't screenshot in Wayland. VNC (and by that, I mean RealVNC) just gives up.

It was just me and these wee ​strippit yins out at dawn this morning. It had been raining, so there must've been grubs, worms and slugs a-plenty

📢 Heat exhaustion risk! ⛱ This is an automatic warning because the recorded temperature has reached 25.1c. Take steps now to protect yourself from Heat/Sun Stroke

I found a book on Oil & Gas Engines my great-grandfather wrote in the early 20th century. It's on Internet Archive now:

if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now

try something else

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