Quite sad that I'm the only person posting about #TheThingsConference on Mastodon.

Surely community-driven IoT infrastructure & federated open-source social networking are topics with a good amount of crossover? Looks like no.

We should change that though! You there, mastodon user, go read about The Things Network here: thethingsnetwork.org


@pimterry I've been playing around with LoRa a little bit so this is interesting to me. I also recall someone talking about this at my local hackerspace a while back. Am I understanding correctly that there's a centralized registry of nodes through which all data flows? Is that part self-hostable?

@scttnlsn I'm not sure if the core network servers are self hostable. Nodes, gateways and the end application server though are of course. Perhaps in theory the network servers are too, but I'm not sure why you'd want to. Any specific reason? Free access to the shared hosted community network is part of the big draw

@pimterry No specific reason- just generally skeptical about things like that. How is the cost of centralized network infrastructure funded? Will it be around in 10 years? etc.

@scttnlsn The Things Network has a commercial arm that builds private networks & does LoRa consultancy generally, that's where the money lives.

I don't know what guarantees they have long term, it'd be interesting to ask. There's no substantial lock in though. It'd be as easy to build and switch to your own network when they go away as it is to set one up now, lorawan is a standard.

@scttnlsn Really using TTN is much like using a cell phone provider for Internet, but one that happens to be community powered. They might change things later, but you can switch easily, and it's much easier than building your own mobile network.

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