tired: Posting to social media, and backing it up on your laptop (if you remember)

wired: Posting on your laptop, and publishing it out to social media

This is how static-site blogging generally works. You have a directory of text files and images on your laptop, you push a button, and BAM your website is updated.

Compare to Wordpress, where I log into my remote site and edit posts. If I want to get those posts onto my laptop, I have to take special action, repeatedly—even though I *composed* the posts while sitting at my laptop! Bonkers.

(Let's make social media work more like that first case, 'k?)

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@scttnlsn Yeah, exactly!

The tricky part is doing it with a social model that isn't some equivalent of a party line. :-)

@varx Good point. Are there any other existing efforts (that you're aware of) that do a good job at this?

@scttnlsn Nope! So I'm working on making my own, I think linked elsewhere in the thread. It's mostly just ideas at this point. :-)

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