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If you use Chrome, Google can use a network protocol for tracking and ad delivery that can't be seen or blocked by extensions. TL;DR: You really shouldn't use a web browser made by an ad company.

"AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and other extensions cannot block QUIC requests. Recommended best practice is to disable QUIC from the chrome://flags/ URL."

concept: a mastodon instance hosted in a hacked IoT smart dishwasher

After I deleted my Farcebook account a few years ago, I emailed all my friends & family and wrote that I am leaving because I value my relationship with them more than playing data-mining apps; exposing their private information with me to third-party marketers. I then left them a link to this site

Most did not understand and took it as a joke or that I'm going to create a new profile to "hide" from them. Some reacted violently and thought that I was being stupid, impractical, and holier-than-thou. I felt sad at first but eventually I was able to accept that not everyone will care about what it was doing to them.

people say Mastodon feels like the darkweb but in my day we just called this shit "the web"

"(...) text-based websites should not exceed in size the major works of Russian literature": an interesting (and entertaining) post about websites getting bigger and bigger.

It was written by Maciej Cegłowski, the creator of Pinboard. I wish he was here on Mastodon - has anyone seen him?

About the (so-called) "#sharingeconomy":

"Much activity is hidden away from view, but preliminary evidence suggests that sharing economy firms may already be leveraging their access to information about users and their control over the user experience to mislead, coerce, or otherwise disadvantage sharing economy participants."

The Taking Economy: Uber, Information, and Power

@dav definitely!

we've been talking about / starting to set up an instance to be run as a coop:

I've been on Mastodon for three days and no one has tooted about "Growth Hacking..." is... is this heaven?

Hello, I’m Scott. I live in (New York) and I write (mostly ) for a living both and with a of other technologists. I’m very much into learning, making, fixing, etc. Here’s some of my assorted :

reading a bunch of comments about Mastodon on tech news sites about how it "will never succeed" or will go extinct. Problem is, that defines Mastodon's success in the metrics of Silicon Valley VC. The point of Mastodon does not appear to be a growth -> exit -> brand vehicle strategy that Twitter has been struggling with.

I'm having a good time here. Isn't that success enough?

Ultimately Mastodon's killer feature is that it's a public good that someone built because they thought it needed to exist and not a startup someone built because they wanted to get rich quick selling other people's data.

It's actually really awesome that Mastodon attracted a shitload of users who largely aren't aware that the underlying GNUSocial platform is old.

You know why?

Because it means we can do this over and over.

Every time someone releases a new implementation with different-looking chrome on top, it can go through its own marketing and media cycle and garner new users. *And the network effect will be cumulative.*

Reminder that email is also federated. If you're currently using Gmail, consider running a server for you and your friends. Here's an easy way to get up and running quickly:

@scanlime Curious how you make your PCBs. Ferric chloride? I'd really like to try making my own.

@jordantcarlson I write Ruby for a living and so was excited to find out that Mastodon is built with Ruby and Rails.

@jordantcarlson Yeah, looks like it's built on an older, pre-existing protocol as well. I'd guess there's been discussion somewhere about this.

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