Helped develop Up & Go. Very excited to see it thriving!

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@varx Good point. Are there any other existing efforts (that you're aware of) that do a good job at this?

@aral Gross. Out of curiosity, how did you find this? Were you just browsing the source or did you notice the network requests?

@kaikatsu Irritating indeed. I wanted to like FreeCAD so much but it takes me so long to accomplish what takes me only a couple minutes in Fusion 360. I tried getting Fusion 360 running in Linux (via Wine) without success.

@joeyh Wow. I'm planning to do something similar this spring (burying a long run of wire). What was your approach? Any suggestions? Did you just use a shovel?

@yisraeldov @johnson I am definitely going to check out more of your videos! And thanks for the tip about "Emacs Rocks".

@yisraeldov @johnson This is cool! I've been a long time Emacs user but have never delved too far into elisp aside from tweaking config options. Any recommendations for learning resources? Something specifically aimed at custom mode development would be awesome. Thanks!

@pimterry No specific reason- just generally skeptical about things like that. How is the cost of centralized network infrastructure funded? Will it be around in 10 years? etc.

@pimterry I've been playing around with LoRa a little bit so this is interesting to me. I also recall someone talking about this at my local hackerspace a while back. Am I understanding correctly that there's a centralized registry of nodes through which all data flows? Is that part self-hostable?

@syndikalista My SSB public key is

just to follow up on my #FuckCloudflare posting from a while ago and their "solution" for TOR users and captchas I'd just like to say this:
1. They are outright lying outside of a handful of websites nobody cares about.
2. CloudFlare isn't to be trusted, their business model is to intercept traffic and monetize it, and they will do whatever is possible to legitimize themselves whether through marketing lies or other means.

They are expanding their traffic accumulation business model to IPFS and TOR only because these alternative systems which serve the purpose of protecting users can't be milked for profit and they feel threatened.

Don't use CloudFlare and don't feel pressured to visit sites which use CloudFlare and block you with captchas which will track your browsing.
(corrected hashtag: #FuckCloudFlare )
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RSS is the only sane way to browse the web these days

"we decided to build a low-tech, self-hosted, and solar-powered version of Low-tech Magazine"

I respect a website that's prepared to go offline when it gets too cloudy.

@aral You may want to look into BitWarden for syncing passwords. I use it with LineageOS on an old Nexus 5 as well. I self-host the sync backend using: It's been pretty great (I also used to use 1Password in my Mac days)

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