@JoshStrobl Spotify updated and borked my entire library so I ditched it and started buying/ripping CDs. Working on setting up Airsonic. Cheers, would love to hear what you end up doing.

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Here's @popey@twitter.com and I in the @jupitersignal@twitter.com studio, probably giving @JoeRessington@twitter.com a hard time about his weird tomatoe ketchup habits πŸ… 🍟

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We're thrilled to announce the availability of the latest #GNOME 3.32 Stack in the #Solus unstable repo, now available to brave testers! Read more about it at getsol.us/2019/04/25/gnome-of-

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Looks like @popey@twitter.com and I got a slight upgrade on the rental car 🏁When in 'murca πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² and all that 😁 #lfnw

@popey Have you looked into Jekyll? Been using it for my blog and unless you want to get into theming it's really easy to get going.

@JoshStrobl It's still ultimately tied to their service so I'm relying on their backup to work properly. Looked at andOTP which allows manual encrypted backups but haven't switched.

@JoshStrobl Let me know if you find anything self-hosted. Authy has been great for me but I worry what would happen if their service went down.

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This is why I will never make an unboxing πŸ“¦ video πŸ“Ή

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Getting an exclusive view of @m_wimpress@twitter.com 'unboxing' something! Not your average unboxing video, is this.

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Live on twitch.tv/joshstrobl for some more #Solus GNOME Stack upgrading as a follow-up to Saturday's Hackfest.

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This Dropbox email uses a ... clown car (!?) to explain new limitations being imposed on free users.The goal being to use this to upsell paid plans.
Interesting symbolism there.


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