Today I learned that the Celtic languages have a verb-subject-object word order. Countless times have I read some hifalutin' verbiage with that order: "drew he the sword," etc. Is that some sort of Celticism? It certainly feels vaguely bardic.

Josh is attempting to poach an egg in the microwave for the first time.

C, reading on the couch: "The Spruce says that you should put a saucer over it."


J: "Yeah, that would have been good."

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my name is Crow
and when you say
a poet Bob
has shitty day

i sit upon
a hemlock bough
jump up and down
i shak the snow

The hummingbird feeder is successful and I am a dork about it.

Me: "This delicate fairy creature has blessed our home!"
Hummingbird: *glug glug glug* YAP YAP YAP *glug glug glug*
Me: 🤩

Last night I dreamed that anyone who studied Welsh for two years could legally move to Wales, and I haven't quite managed to shake the idea.

Part of the job of spouse in this modern age is to absorb the speeches about SOMEONE being WRONG on the INTERNET. Today both of us have delivered such a speech to the other rather than mix it up online, from which nothing good would come. (But so very very WRONG though)

Looked out the window this morning to see a chicken playing a xylophone.

One of the chickens has gone broody, which isn't something we've experienced before. (I should record the growling. No kidding, that is a theropod all right. She's successfully intimidating.) The advice we're read is to keep shoving her out of the nest box and insisting that she stay somewhere with a lot of natural light, but it's December 24 in Seattle.

J: "Natural light? Where would that be?"
C: "Baja."
J: "I'm not taking my chicken on vacation."

arrrghhhh. I declare CircleCember a wash, at least for myself, and will move on to Rounduary. Which might be January or might be February.

Three ultrashort flash fictions by Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera: "Insomnia", "The Mountain", and "Swimming".

accountability post: tomorrow I'm going to blast myself with photons from the sun lamp that I've been too lazy to use and see if I can reset myself to something more strongly resembling a diurnal schedule.

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Sometime around 5:30, 6 am I start to wonder if I have transformed into an entirely new sort of being who doesn't require sleep at all.

When I suggested I thought it'd be a good excuse for me to pick up some Processing again. OMG. Time flies. It was three years ago that I last fiddled around with that, and one of those years was ten years long. In the meantime I've done nothing technical. Upshot: I've forgotten everything. All of it. Wow. So here's a "hello world" in Processing.

Hooray, I finally got eight hours of sleep! Unfortunately, I seem to have settled on a 4am-12pm sleep shift.

Flower report: Zephyrine Drouhin is still plugging along.

2 am is now officially "going to bed early" FML

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