Why don't I have an apothecary jar brim-full of egg specimens? Major oversight.

Current cat song: "Lay me low / Where no one can paw me / Where no one can claw me / Where no one can gnaw on me" There's a reason this cat thinks his name is "Kitty No".


I'm seriously thinking about joining the stonecarving class this weekend. Like I need another thing on my list, right? But...

Today I wandered into NW Rockhounds just off Lake City. OMG, the place is a wonderland. Gorgeous rocks, fossils, and bones, and lots of geological and jewelry-making supplies. They have some interesting-looking classes, too. It's like Hardwick's but for bio/geo nerds. Some of the rocks are color-enhanced (e.g., almost all citrine on the market is heat treated) but I saw nothing that was outright dyed and they tell you the truth about the enhancement. I bought a tiny, perfect fluorite specimen.


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Tech Great Reckoning • danah boyd with an excellent speech / essay about sexism in tech. Not just the Epstein scandal but the pervasive culture of it. medium.com/@zephoria/facing-th #linkblog #danahboyddanamedialabepsteintechsexismtirefiretootme

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A little late-night gentle solo fingerpicking from the guitarist from the fantastic band we saw tonight. youtube.com/watch?v=Du-sQXbWho @rjl20

TIL that there's such a thing as a Pellegrini bean, developed up the street from me by the late, inimitable Angelo Pellegrini. theherbfarm.com/Items/Pellegri


Currently reading: Eva Illouz, "Saving the Modern Soul"
Currently making: some slightly dodgy focaccia. We'll see.
Current theme song: sverfolk.bandcamp.com/track/bo

"Blogging these days is like singing in the empty hallway of a deserted highschool, with feral animals peering at your from moss-hung lockers and wind whistling through broken windows. Bloggers are squatters in abandoned buildings. They can hear the apparently joyful hubbub of the feed, a few streets away, while they rub sticks together to work up a fire to heat up their old cans of beans." robertminto.com/2019/05/15/wri

I've swum with sharks, taken a few rides on a Hayabusa, and flirted with handsome young men in the streets of Istanbul and Paris. I've charmed my way through a line of bayonets in Athens. I've had a scuba tank fail me at 45 feet in a Kiribati lagoon. But nothing matches the dangerous thrill of the first bowl of plain white rice after a bout of gastroenteritis.

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I forgot to mention I added four more cookbooks to the Community Cookbooks collection I upload to archive.


These newest four aren't really community cookbooks as much as they are regional but they're still enjoyable



Sick in bed for a couple of days and not feeling very gracious about it.

I can't usually read in dreams, but yesterday I dreamed a giant sign that read, "WHY EARS?" Indeed, why ears?

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