Currently there's a kid outside yelling "HONK HONK" and what sounds like a goose honking back. I almost don't want the details.

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Alvin Lucier is somehow now 90 years old, and for his birthday 90 different artists are staging "I am sitting in a room".

Live! Repetitious! 27 hours! VIRTUALLY ENDLESS! Streaming RIGHT NOW!

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Anyone aware of a specific channel for donating n95 type masks to Indian doctors and nurses on the frontline? I'm hearing awful stories of doctors having to use the same mask for a week, sick doctors treating patients, etc. No way can we get enough together in short time for the whole populace, but maybe we can get enough for the doctors, nurses and other patients?

Empress blend seems to be coming along nicely. Josh has upgraded his review from "interesting" to "good".

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Melding a couple of long-standing interests, I've been playing with some herbal tea blends based on my take on the Tarot. The Empress is coming along well: hibiscus, lemon peel, dried cherries, and a touch of cinnamon, infused cold. (Cold-infused hibiscus is less astringent.) I might try a little ginger, rose hips, and hawthorn in the mix.

I'm one of the people whose Twitter account is in a state of WTF, and I'm wondering if this isn't a great time to let it rest in peace. I'm 85% of the way there anyway. There are some connections I'd miss, but... well, surely nobody at this point needs to explain their doubts about Twitter.

Cam: "Yes, I am settling in for a half-hour video about this guy's hammer collection."

Josh: "That tracks."

I've been trying some primitive leather tooling and learning about the tools and procedures.

The system was well-designed, the people working there were happy and relaxed and well-rested, the signage was everywhere, there was a TON of excess capacity built into the system to handle anything unforeseen, and they got a slew of little things right, all the way down to having cotton balls for people allergic to bandaids. I am super impressed.

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Pleased to say that the Lumen Field vaccination experience was not just good, it was FLAWLESS at every step. Who was doing logistics for that? Can they be put in charge of everything?

"Did I just accidentally run over a goat?" ... "I think I might have set a chicken on fire."

I'm not too interested in playing Breath of the Wild, but hearing Josh play it is great.

Tomorrow I get my first Pfizer shot at Lumen Field. I've talked to only seven people face-to-face in the last year, including the UPS guy, so I expect it'll be a shock.

What he said: "union filesystem"
What I heard: "Jungian filesystem"

I regret to report that I missed the big neighborhood event today: a baby calf slipped his handlers at the local vet and went trotting through the neighborhood. Reports are that the wee black calf, whose name is Connor, is now back home where he belongs, and various people on Facebook are glad to learn that they weren't hallucinating.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in ! I have one more project coming.

I am "excited about hands-free magnifying glasses" years old

I salt-cured and dried an egg yolk and I learned a lot, chiefly that I don't like salt-cured egg yolk.

I had some five-year-old dry peas rattling around in a box, so I chitted them all, figuring that even after all this time, I might get enough for a small planting. They all sprouted. I'm up to my neck in pea sprouts that have to go into the ground tomorrow and I'm about out of ground now. Maybe hanging baskets?

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