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i'm dee!

🌿 i like talking about games. (cozy, art, radical, sim, gardening, slow, small, and more)
β˜€οΈ i talk a lot about games + inclusivity + community
πŸƒ sometimes angry, sad, or easily excitable
πŸ’› i talk about code a lot!
🌱 i talk about drawing a lot!
πŸ’« i'm working on a couple o projects about vegetables, zines, and gender rn!
πŸ€ i collect four leaf clovers to give you luck.

for mutuals: i post private things on @dee

for twitter presence: i am @/scumbling on 🐦

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hey if you toot at me, i promise you i will reply to you with the phrase "toot toot" at least once

that's the guarantee i will give you if you use mastodon with me even for like an hour. already a better experience

Guys: is it gay to adopt? I mean you're literally obtaining (a pet) from a shelter or the wild. πŸ˜³πŸ€”

Everyone talking about if Bert and Ernie fuck and nobody looking into my almost certain theory that Grover and Super Grover are the same damn person

i rolled out of bed to go pick up medicine at the store and realized that my natural state looks like a background high schooler in a 90s original disney movie

leap day is a fake holiday invented by the calendar industry to sell more days

i'm stuck at home with the flu and i've had to cancel all my plans, but

i'm sitting in bed under a heavy blanket and @objelisks and i are listening to rainy day animal crossing music and i'm reading about von neumann machines and frog & toad, and they're working on their prototype

later i'm gonna sleep and then journal about art ideas while they go to the small games meetup and

i haven't had a day where my responsibilities were to just do what i want to do in so long

in pokemon xy/oras, the protagonist has a wii u

combined, those games outsold the wii u

the majority of wii u consoles in the multiverse belong to pokemon characters

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a game where you court (?) a giant ovoid which repeatedly peels itself, changing materials.

legitimately want to make a smart phone that doesn’t have the ability to take screenshots

sometimes i have a crush on someone and i haaate it lolgbkds my squishy feelings nooooo

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a true tomodachi is someone who will tell you to stop listening to the same old music and find new music when they realize your heart is ready

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