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i'm dee!

🌿 i like talking about games. (cozy, art, radical, sim, gardening, slow, small, and more)
β˜€οΈ i talk a lot about games + inclusivity + community
πŸƒ sometimes angry, sad, or easily excitable
πŸ’› i talk about code a lot!
🌱 i talk about drawing a lot!
πŸ’« i'm working on a couple o projects about vegetables, zines, and gender rn!
πŸ€ i collect four leaf clovers to give you luck.

for mutuals: i post private things on @dee

for twitter presence: i am @/scumbling on 🐦

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hey if you toot at me, i promise you i will reply to you with the phrase "toot toot" at least once

that's the guarantee i will give you if you use mastodon with me even for like an hour. already a better experience

I just published chapter 1 of my new fanfic series "jollibee is my metamour"

it's a fanfic about my relationship with my partner, Sunfly, and his transmasc partner, Jollibee

-- please check it out, comment, like, and share!

here's a link to a 12 min video about trystan, a trans man, who carried a baby and gave birth, telling his story

hi i cried forever wow i'm crying my face into a waterfall wow this is so good

asking for advice about flea treatment for cats Show more

asking for advice about flea treatment for cats Show more

i'm indulging in tweeting about detective pikachu on twitter-site because it feels like a personal reclaiming of 1 inch of that place (in a good way)

I'm still looking for 1-2 more folks interested in a paid contract to build a small platformer game prototype for a research study. If you're interested or know someone who might be, please contact me!

my mood today is: i wish my tears were made out of tiny knives

i need to follow new, good people. holler at me if you don't post blindly "hey go vote" without a long parenthetical about the voting process over the past few months, and/or you would rather post about gay enby shit

questions i have off the top of my head for those on/previously on t:

how scared were you on the day before starting hrt.

did you wait/postpone until you felt 100% on everything

also how’s your skin

where do you find kind trans masc people to be friends w/talk to/chill w/ask about stuff w on the internet?

this is not a joke, like is there a neopets or a forum or a series of blogs or publication or twitter circle

Once it becomes impractical to make a living making games, game dev will look like poetry slams: art weirdos making games for zero audience other than their art weirdo friends. I cannot wait. Poets have that shit fucking *figured out*.

l e t
u s
a l l
h o l d
h a n d s
f e e d
o f f
e a c h
o t h e r s
e n e r g y
m a k e
f u c k e d
u p
v i d e o g a m e s
t o g e t h e r

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in roguelike dev it's normal to be working on a single game for decades, slowly growing it over time at a sustainable pace. mainstream indie feels like a bunch of people LARPing as industry-lite without the resources to keep anything going for longer than a couple of years

GUYS, is it gay to litigate? You literally going to law. πŸ˜³πŸ€”

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