i'm dee!

🌿 i like talking about games. (cozy, art, radical, sim, gardening, slow, small, and more)
β˜€οΈ i talk a lot about games + inclusivity + community
πŸƒ sometimes angry, sad, or easily excitable
πŸ’› i talk about code a lot!
🌱 i talk about drawing a lot!
πŸ’« i'm working on a couple o projects about vegetables, zines, and gender rn!
πŸ€ i collect four leaf clovers to give you luck.

for mutuals: i post private things on @dee

for twitter presence: i am @/scumbling on 🐦

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@noelle oh my goodness this is extremely my jam. THANK YOU. I NEEDED THIS.

@scumbling @dee πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm a random dude from Australia who's trying to avoid his Mastodon timeline being wall-to-wall white dudes!

@virtualwolf @dee πŸ‘‹ hello hello ! πŸ’ͺ i am in fact not part of a wall of white dudes! cheers! 🌠

@scumbling hi dee… that’s a pretty great list, and damn that hair! Love it. Count me in.

@dualhammers you found it ! ahhh ! thank you !!!!!! it's hot garbage but you like it, thank you !!

@scumbling First off I love garbage second I didn't think it was garbage I was inspired by it in my own design :)

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