where do you find kind trans masc people to be friends w/talk to/chill w/ask about stuff w on the internet?

this is not a joke, like is there a neopets or a forum or a series of blogs or publication or twitter circle

questions i have off the top of my head for those on/previously on t:

how scared were you on the day before starting hrt.

did you wait/postpone until you felt 100% on everything

also how’s your skin

@scumbling I binge ate an entire bag of mint m&ms while texting w another friend going “how did you KNOW it was ok??” the day I picked up my T prescription for the first time, so I feel you.

I’ll tell you what they told me: I didn’t know perfectly that it was the right thing, but I knew things couldn’t continue as they were, and if it felt wrong I could just stop.

@scumbling my skin has been a nightmare for a year and it just continues to be a nightmare because puberty takes a while. Stuff that helps:
- showering daily, washing my face twice a day, face mask & scrubbing all body breakout areas in the shower a few times a week
- easing way tf off sugar/caffeine/alcohol since those all are like jet fuel for oil production
- salicylic acid in everything, “dry” oil moisturizers like rosehip oil, seriously

@scumbling in terms of community, there’s a trans guy subreddit that I trip over every time I’m searching for random trans stuff, but yeah, it’s kinda lonely!

@courtney this is so so so so great, thank you sooo much for this info!

the phrase "i know things can't continue as they are" resonates with me so deeply (i feel like i have said the exact phrase in my journals), this is such a kind thing for you to share with me, thank you

i will absolutely keep this in miiiind ahhh thanks. thank you! (ps: you're not the first person to tell me it's lonely in the trans masc community, weird)

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