asking for advice about flea treatment for cats Show more

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asking for advice about flea treatment for cats Show more

@scumbling you should probably ask a vet. Scabbing sounds normal, do you also see flea dirt (feces)? I think it's OK to not see fleas with a comb, they can be elusive. IIRC some of the treatments are better at killing larva, but may not work for cats w/ medical conditions. If you use baths, flea shampoo (effective for immediate relief I think), or oil make sure not to wash the Frontline/Advantage/etc. off. Sounds like you might have from your 1st post?

Though if you think you might have washed it off, be careful & call a vet before re-applying, I think double dosing could be potentially dangerous. Best of luck, I hope your baby feels better.

@gatoatigrado ahhh thank you sooo much! a lot of good stuff for me to think about. ty ty ty πŸ˜­πŸ’Ÿ (also i don’t see flea dirt, and i definitely DID wash off that frontline/advantage stuff lol good thinking)

thank youuuu!!!! again so much!

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