i rolled out of bed to go pick up medicine at the store and realized that my natural state looks like a background high schooler in a 90s original disney movie

i borrowed my friend jessica’s glasses for a selfie and i’m fucking destroying myself with this picture




i have 54 left

thank u @objelisks for helping w assembly

my hair kind of too big today but my pins are very good

i got a new set of metal dice in the colors of the enby flag because I'M GAY

boost for good rolls while RPing queer bullshit

sometimes i really feel like sharing my experience of being poc and enby and queer and first-gen immigrant and in tech, and those times are really when i feel this huge spike of emotion tainted with bitterness and amazement that is,

fuck!!!! i hate it!!!!! i hate it so much. i hate my body and i hate my mind! i hate everything about living like this and piloting this flesh robot that looks like this and acts like this.

except for the moments when i feel normal. then actually it’s pretty great

this photo i took makes me really really, really happy 🌻 thank u for modeling for me @objelisks 🌻

πŸ¦„ 🌾 hi @objelisks took this really good and accurate and beautiful and not-at-all-haunting photo of me when we went camping this weekend πŸŒΎπŸ¦„

hi @objelisks took these cute photos of me when we went camping this weekend

showing off: sometimes i remember that i’m really good at my job!

i teach programming and web development to women and gender-diverse adultsβ€” people who have been told that programming is hard and β€œnot for them.” as part of that, i teach that starting a career in tech sustainably is so so so much more important than whatever culture the industry cultivates.

it’s nice to hear when someone appreciates that lesson :)

- @objelisks literally just went up to this fridge magnet and tapped it twice going β€œtoot toot”

here's a weird ass photo set of my new haircut, because, it's fun to post pictures of yourself on the internet! Show more

i'm dee!

🌿 i like talking about games. (cozy, art, radical, sim, gardening, slow, small, and more)
β˜€οΈ i talk a lot about games + inclusivity + community
πŸƒ sometimes angry, sad, or easily excitable
πŸ’› i talk about code a lot!
🌱 i talk about drawing a lot!
πŸ’« i'm working on a couple o projects about vegetables, zines, and gender rn!
πŸ€ i collect four leaf clovers to give you luck.

for mutuals: i post private things on @dee

for twitter presence: i am @/scumbling on 🐦

β€ͺtell me what’s in this pamphlet‬

a reddit thread with an opinion about politics Show more

the way this game makes me feel while i play is amazing


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