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the new game (me and is OUT and free to play on itch

stop fucking equating imposter syndrome with anxiety and talking about it with that urgency/in that same space

in 2016 i wrote an article titled "You Don’t Have Imposter Syndrome, You Were Just Taught Self-Doubt In A System Of Meritocracy"

if i were to rewrite it today, it would be called "You Don’t Have Imposter Syndrome, you're just emotionally manipulating people to be sympathetic and emotionally vulnerable with you by using outdated methods of critically analyzing your career/value/labor"

i never watched adventure time enough (saw an episode with multiple lemon grab babies?, saw magic man once, saw god?? a pink room dude? once? idk who simon is. there are gills on some humans?), but i always got the sense that it was really sad and scary

that sad and scary feeling is really cool to me! it also seems like the finale was sad. i really hope i get to watch AT in a coherent timeline at some point in my life.

i got a new set of metal dice in the colors of the enby flag because I'M GAY

boost for good rolls while RPing queer bullshit

nobody told me that all the music i was bullied for listening to as a teenager in 2008 would be playing at coffee shops in 2018. is this how classic rock radio stations are formed??? am i a classic rock dad now????

oh god they just played the headlights and now they’re playing tilly and the wall and i am thrown back into a spiral what

this new coffee shop is called Ghost Note and it’s really cute, but everyone inside is so good looking and looks so unhappy, they look like they’ve been paid to be on a laptop and look serious in good clothes

on the other hand, they ARE playing joanna newsom sooooo

moving this little person around from place to place, mirroring what i'm doing

Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

fuck....... how is music featured in initial d so good

flannel shirts rule. you can roll the sleeves up, or keep them down. they don't retain a lot of b.o. so you can wear them multiple days in a row and no one will know. the gays love them, and so do farmers. incredible garment. timeless

idk i don’t know how to point out that i’m not body shaming, i just WANT A FLAT BUTT!!!!!!!!!!

how do you make your body... look like a lego people. i’d love that thick trapezoidal torso

to cis community organizers in tech: a trans woman just asked me if she would be accepted/respected if she went to a meetup for women in tech, and she wanted a Real Answer. i told her:

your mileage may vary! maybe their community guidelines don’t explicitly invite trans women. maybe they don’t honor pronouns. maybe they’ll blink twice when they meet you before processing that you’re there. maybe they’re lip service

i can’t wait for the day i can fully answer β€œHELL YES and it’ll be comfy& easy”

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