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Every single conservative American is one step away from rabid, unhinged yelling about how they are actually good and that's why they deserve the power to inflict massive harm on anyone they believe deserves it. Today we saw that, and we saw it every single day since 9/11/2001

i just got the world’s greatest pin of kris wolf and i’m gonna wear it every day and bite every butt i see

thank you so much @hyrkinonit , i miss you so much!

one time someone asked me β€œi’m drawing a crab, how many legs are on each side” and it was the most wholesome thing that’s ever happened to me

Guys: is it gay to adopt? I mean you're literally obtaining (a pet) from a shelter or the wild. πŸ˜³πŸ€”

Everyone talking about if Bert and Ernie fuck and nobody looking into my almost certain theory that Grover and Super Grover are the same damn person

i rolled out of bed to go pick up medicine at the store and realized that my natural state looks like a background high schooler in a 90s original disney movie

leap day is a fake holiday invented by the calendar industry to sell more days

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