It always just bothers me so damn much any time I review various platforms' rules against nudity and know that ALL OF THEM ALWAYS count female nipples as "nudity" but not male nipples, though only Tumblr is the one with audacity to specifically say "female nipples"

And yet 99% of americans are just like "yeah, that makes sense. Every part of a woman's body is meant for our sexual pleasure, therefore we are the arbiters of what she is allowed to show. Makes sense to me!"



A long time ago a buddy of mine was invited to Google as a very early participant in the adwords program: let Google put ads on your site for money. There was a discussion about obscenity.

He was a commercially successful graffiti artist and anti-censorship.

He harried a Google representative and got her to admit that Google was definite that large breasts were more obscene than small ones, as far as web content went, and big'uns would get you banned faster than little'uns.

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@seachanged god. and yet things are just worse than ever now! for all that the alt righters bleat that social media favors liberals, their ToS certainly don't reflect that.

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