The "more contagious than chicken pox" thing is... really dated.

(Just remember: most of us olds got chicken pox before we were even old enough for school, because it tore through playgroups like wildfire. If you were exposed at all, you got it, it wasn't even a question.)

(Hmm, I should make an appointment for a shingles vaccine. I think they give them to under-60's these days.)



I got the pox as a child, but my siblings got the vaccination.

The new one, Shingrix, is a two shot deal and more effective than the old Zostavax. Up until I got the Moderna vaccination, Shingrix was definitely the most uncomfortable vaccination I had ever had: they handed out a Tylenol when they gave me the second shot.

You can get a pneumonia vaccination under age 60 now too.

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