musician death 

Well, that's disappointing. Vangelis has passed away. There was a time I was buying every album he put out.
Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre form the basis of my twenties musical tastes. Vangelis was the first of these I discovered, in high school, before I'd ever heard of Chariots of Fire. As beautiful as that theme is, Soil Festivities and Albedo 0.39 are his albums I think of the most.

"Hey, Jon, let's break some rules." Thank you for breaking the rules.


musician death 


I remember Friends of Mr Cairo very fondly.

When an artist dies, a nerd thing happens in my head: "Now their art is regular, instead of context-free." and I am sad.

Now there are only old Vangelis works.

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musician death 

@seachanged I always loved his work with Jon Anderson. It was a side of Anderson that didn't quite come out in Yes, and they did some great stuff together.

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