It is the cheapest, and anomalously accurate for the price. It would probably serve for a while You have to re-calibrate when the rusting starts to accelerate: rusty things rust faster than unrusty things.

However, I thirst for a tipping bucket gauge. It'll capture rain rate, which in my experience is strongly correlated with water-invasion events. They are not cheap.


This one is even more embarrassing, but accurate to about .01 inch. It's a number 10 tin can, 6 3/16 inches in diameter, with all labelling and glue removed. Twice a day, morning and night, it is weighed on an accurate scale, the calculations are recorded and timestamped, and the can is emptied and put back outside.


The main body is about a yard of 3 inch internal diameter ABS pipe, with a cap glued to one end. This is affixed vertically to a fencepost.

The section on the right is about 2.75 inches in outside diameter, and floats freely inside the main body, preventing evaporation. The eye in the top is for removal for water depth measurements.

Compared to the high accuracy raingauge I keep, this one reads about 1/2 inch low after being outside from about October to July.

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It sounds like you took you data from the ACIS (chandra.harvard.edu/press/fact), and presented it as sequential images in the video, about 100 frames, sweeping through 200, 300, 400 .. 9700, 9800, 9900, 10000 electron volts of energy.

The leading edge of the accelerated gas from the supernova is the hottest and glows with the most energy, trailing edge is coolest. Your video presents the spatial organization of these energies as a moving glow.

It's visually rich.


July 1, I measure and empty the rain gauge, and post the results and broadcast a request for other results.

When a box of green chilis arrives, I immediately roast and peel some for grilled cheese sandwiches.

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That's an amazing piece of rattan work!

I'm uncertain, but I doubt that it was made just for the cover of the magazine. I suspect that in some environments it was a commonplace object, repurposed for the photograph shoot.

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AWS had a networking event? Can you say what?

Just finished a large event where the local institution's networking woes interrupted access of servers inside to AWS resources outside, and if it had not been for the AWS SQS there would have been real losses of high rate data. It was exciting, needles in the red, klaxons, etc :-)

I usually make the argument that AWS is more reliable than "us", and is therefore a good component to build on, so I'm interested in what they broke.

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Self-Portrait with Passenger Allen Ginsberg,– 1990 RYAN WEIDEMAN


Very exciting demonstration!

Incidentally, those gasses are at low pressure in those ampoules.

Wonder what a tesla coil would do near an old plasma tv. Probably excite it to white, or nothing at all (transparent front electrode).


Poor creature.

Complain to your vet, and see if you can get the dose reduced. Our dog was under aggressive steroid regime for something, and had the same symptoms, in addition to a raging hunger that led to some unfortunate ingestions.

Might happen in the dog's sleep, too, so maybe put something waterproof under the bedding.


The implementation of your idea is called a variable rate compressor. It saves energy (by reducing compressor starts and short-cycling), and reduces energy intensity.

It costs more, but is widely available.

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