Rolling ur own weed, and never rolling ur own weed. The two genders.

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@seagazelle ok tbf I really tried a few days ago

And pity was taken on me and like five future joints were rolled for me

@bluepurplerain Before I moved away I bought my girl a half oz and rolled it all. :blobugh:

@seagazelle I’m too high to decide if “how adorable” or “my condolences” is an appropriate response.

Please insert whichever is least offensive.

@bluepurplerain @seagazelle i cannot roll to save my life, i've just accepted that i'll need a piece.

@Jewbacchus @seagazelle

The crazy thing is that everyone laces their pot with tobacco here so I got some weird looks when I declined to add it and said I preferred a bowl

@bluepurplerain @Jewbacchus @seagazelle ugh getting flashbacks of london gf's stale-ass pouch of old rolling tobacco she insisted on using with joints :blobfrowningbig:

@fradleybox @bluepurplerain @seagazelle I like to sprinkle some pipe tobacco or even black and mild guts but I do not love the pouch

@seagazelle what if I do sometimes and other times do not

@weekoldperson thats gender fluidity, and also if ur into kink u might be a switch.

@seagazelle I hate packing a shared bowl!!! I don't wanna be the one responsible if it's shittily packed and the whole bowl falls through the pipe and turns into scooby snacks!!!!

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