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Today in
• 20m of beautiful heist-planning
• Alberic invisibly sneaks out via the main staircase
• Nix enchants a summerwine glass with covetousness
• All of the guards and the rich folk at the party riot, the PCs sneak out in the fray

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I have been asked to take part in some filming where I am going to give psychic readings to random members of the public. If you are interested in participating, you can sign up here:

Ideas for other XP rewards in or

• What if you earn 1XP for each rumour you establish through play?

"I hear there's gold in them hills. Some folks came through last week selling handfuls of the stuff."

Fuck me that was a GLORIOUS game of MICROSPOPE:
• Humanity realised a symbiotic relationship with an alien species
• Major religion discredited, leading to greater support and an intergalactic empire
• The first colony ship was staffed with lost causes as an insurance scam

Give out the same information regardless of whether the Knowledge (Gubbins) check passes or fails

Just trying to psychically distract the childlike mind of a 300' golem nbd

Headed to the London Improv Theatre for tonight's MAGICIANS SHOWCASE. Hardest thing about this venue is you're not allowed to rehearse your set

Today in :
• Polearm party !
• Beleaguered by a heath dragon
• Their calacorm apprentice, Glaark, fell under the dragon's fangs

Today in :
• Double-teaming to shank some bears
• Winning over the audience through terrible puns ("I can't BEAR this!" & "This is for all the salmon!")

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Just three days remain to back my Neon Moon Cyberpunk RWS Tarot Deck on Kickstarter. It's gonna be quite a week for me.

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artist getting paid late Show more

Read the cards over tomorrow's strike action (dispute with school over numerical targets), but now my biggest question looms—

Who is the Hermit of Opportunity and why must I do him ?!

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Today's tarot draw is The Devil from
Themes for this card include: Addiction, lust, materialism, constraints.

"The Devil represents constraints that bind you despite your ability to be free of them should you wish. This card reflects addictions and mental blocks that cause you to focus too much on one area of your life while neglecting others. You are so involved with one thing that you've become a slave to it at the expense of your own happiness or fulfillment."

Want to play QUARREL & FABLE, but promised to spend no money on new games this Spring?

I will happily trade the game for fan-art! Draw, write, or create something cool inspired by the setting & tone of Q&F and I'll swap a copy of the game for its use.

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In the run up to my appearance at Spaghetti Conjunction this weekend, the games I'm running are on discount—

Get EXUVIAE 25% off:
Get QUARREL & FABLE 50% off:

Hm, tempted to offer another game for the afternoon of Spaghetti ConJunction. What sort of fantasy one-shot would you most want to play at a con?

• Selling story of salacious cult murder of precocious NPC to London tabloid
• Birthday baccarat
• Invitation to occult party from occult royal