Want to be one of the first to see my brand new stage material? I'll be at THE MAGICIANS SHOWCASE on Sunday June 24th—

Want to run a horror-noir mystery at , but have nothing prepared? EXUVIAE is 50% off this weekend and it produces a conspiracy investigation with only a pack of cards and no preparation, for a GM and 1-4 PCs.

Today in
• The group tracked down and captured Schale, renegade witch
• They learned that the war-wight is lending its support to the gnoll siege of the High Citadel
• Their criminal records were expunged

Do you want to try out my newest QF module? We'll be running an asynchronous playtest. Details here: reddit.com/r/rolegate/comments

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Discover This Amazing Method To Train Your Lemur To Communicate With The Dead

Just had confirmation from the printers that is being shipped!


Fighting Fantasy style folk horror.

A harried messenger collapses in the town square, bringing news that the King of Firefen has succumbed to a demonic parasite. And where the king is sick, the land is sick. Will YOU band together to rid the kingdom of this evil before the disease spreads?

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DODECAHEDONIST: (n.) One who indulges in a level twelve barbarian.

Today in
• Exploring the goblin funfair
• Helping the goblin lion tamer (he had his own hat) survive putting his head in a manticore's mouth

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Just realised Lovecraftesque is Deal of the Day on International Tabletop day! That is rather gratifying. To celebrate, I'm doing an AMA over on Twitter.


Today in
• They fled into the gnoll imperial forest to lie low on the riot they caused last week
• Discovered the cartilaginous skulls of elves nailed to trees, which the alchemist promptly took
• Avoided a slew of gnoll snares and took the wire for their own use

Today in
• 20m of beautiful heist-planning
• Alberic invisibly sneaks out via the main staircase
• Nix enchants a summerwine glass with covetousness
• All of the guards and the rich folk at the party riot, the PCs sneak out in the fray

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I have been asked to take part in some filming where I am going to give psychic readings to random members of the public. If you are interested in participating, you can sign up here:


Ideas for other XP rewards in or

• What if you earn 1XP for each rumour you establish through play?

"I hear there's gold in them hills. Some folks came through last week selling handfuls of the stuff."

Fuck me that was a GLORIOUS game of MICROSPOPE:
• Humanity realised a symbiotic relationship with an alien species
• Major religion discredited, leading to greater support and an intergalactic empire
• The first colony ship was staffed with lost causes as an insurance scam

Give out the same information regardless of whether the Knowledge (Gubbins) check passes or fails

Just trying to psychically distract the childlike mind of a 300' golem nbd

Headed to the London Improv Theatre for tonight's MAGICIANS SHOWCASE. Hardest thing about this venue is you're not allowed to rehearse your set

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