Heartless, neo liberal user pays viciousness from our "kind" Labour led government. Said it once, will keep saying it. If you want change don't vote for this lot (or National).


Sweden's common sense make's more sense to me than vaccines that may or may not be safe and effective.


Ugh shame on you Australian govt. People have a basic human right to decide what is and isn't put in their bodies and those of their families.

I hope people tell you lot to take a running jump.

Lets hope here in NZ they keep their word. They said a lot of things about not signing up to the TPPA but that all changed after the election win last time around.


So will govt construct a framework so onerous to people living their lives that they may have no choice but to be vaccinated?

That's in spite of the fact transmission of COVID 19 is relatively low and the death toll low and mostly focused on specific predominantly much older people.

Of course they could try targeted vaccines which makes more sense but again people should have the right to say no without facing undue discrimination.


As long as people have a clear choice for them and their families to take these vaccines or not. Try to force it on people and that's a different story altogether.


I support these folks. This has all been overstated in my opinion and it would be easily controlled if the govt stopped dropping the ball.

I will give the cops here a tick in the box for behaving better than their counterparts across the ditch.


Why are insurance companies so horrible to deal with? Don't want to take calls, push you to use on line systems with inflexible options. Can fully appreciate why a growing number of people self insure.

This is why we need whistle blowers and investigative journalists and why we should roundly and openly condemn governments that persecute them.


What's the bet the Western crony politicians block it in favour of big pharma solutions backed by rich oligarch's. As for safety who cares as long as there's $$ to be made off human misery.


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