Anyone else hearing echo's of 1984's character Parson's praising his kids for dobbing him in to the Thought Police?

Regrettably I seriously doubt anything meaningful will change.

The US thinks it has a right to interfere in Latin America going back decades.

Modern democracy is in fact cleverer than open Fascism.

It tells you, you have rights and a vote that counts whilst in practise giving you neither of these things.

We see this in the US and in New Zealand where things like privacy and free speech are blithely watered down and legislated away....

i'm amazed people could ever be opposed to free speech but if you are you might want to consider the implications.....

In the end its end users who dictate what is used and whats not. Whilst independent governments legislate and regulate to decide whats allowed and whats banned.

Big tech would do well to remember this.

Loads of end users have left Twitter and no doubt wont be back which I would have thought was far worse than angry protests?

I'll add not all are on the right if I'm anything to go by....

Once again these lock downs fail to consider the wider implications. Economic decay, mental health issues, suicides, and surprise, surprise, falling birth rates....

Interestingly when I searched on Parler I could not even find the site just page after page of MSM comments about it and Trump. Hard not to see this as propaganda....

For anyone wanting the site minus the MSM bullshit its

The US has had its day. Another empire crumbling under the weight of its own corruption as is always the case.

It was never the leader of a free world but a world that did as it dictated like any imperialist empire.

Now power has shifted to other global players. Lets hope they are more responsible.....

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