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"What if we say, ‘That’s not the internet we want to live with?’ What if the pillars were accuracy, authenticity and context?"

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whoa, we're currently able to create antimatter and keep it around for a couple days. other facilitates are being planned to do higher-volume and longer-term tests. science just keeps moving forward (starts @ minute 6)

had my first experience recently with a brand targeting me for ads shortly after an in-person conversation. we were both using iOS so it's not like an app was exploiting Android vulns. disconcerting to say the least

viewers already have to pay a monthly fee to avoid ads, and almost none of that money goes to creators. what we have here is an unregulated monopoly squeezing every party for as much money as possible

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wow, a YouTube creator just pointed out a clear conflict of interest: disabling ad monetization has the effect of your videos no longer being recommended to people. IMO that deserves to be a class action lawsuit, even if they're completely within their rights to do so

there are so many scenes I could post instead but don't want to spoil it :)

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everything that I've seen of Masaaki Yuasa's work has spoken to me on a deeply personal level. tonight I watched Lu Over the Wall and it was exactly what I needed right now

"all those rules that have always been there were arbitrary to begin with". summing up the year so far

I strongly suspect that we'll be building business logic and UIs themselves from a UI in a few years (think Rust compilation checks / code generation, but for your business logic and UX)

but to get there, we need the underlying tools to be easily understood and debuggable. that's basically true for none of the current tools :/

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so far DOM.js just 319 lines of code, and is >2x faster than Angular, React, and Ember

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for a long time I've been wondering what a less-buggy & less-expensive frontend dev future might look like. I spent a lot of time looking at Rust, but couldn't reason about all the build tools needed. same w/ modern JS frameworks

so, I guess I'm implementing my own. w/ no external dependencies, no compilation step, and minimal boilerplate

it started as a simplification of the document.createElement API & is slowly growing to make all UI-related things straightforward

that's an interesting way of visualizing carbon footprint (by ice melt)

in the video they also cover electric prop planes!

I really liked the area graph in this video used to explain battery capacity + testing consumer devices to see their minimum voltage

it's also a example of how fake news / products catch on. mix truth & fabrication so only experts can tell the difference

we need more doctors investigating the health claims of nontraditional wellness practices 💯

the iPad is finally getting good at work tasks! I'd almost use it for work, but I need to be able to run code locally (my internet isn't consistent)

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