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Sean & 🐢

TIL you can speed up a test suite on Travis with no code changes by running multiple concurrent jobs for different subsets of the tests

*first time on masto in a few weeks*

custom emoji has gone too far πŸŽƒ

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btw y'all I'm in NYC for the next few days πŸŒ‡

😡 underwater life uses a lot more sound to communicate than we previously thought

If you're looking for a #job and you've ever done #design work, a number of these are paid:

(and if you've ever done design work and you're looking to do some good, the gratis ones appear to be largely nonprofits and community organizations)

Touring a Fast, Safe, and Complete(ish) Web Service in Rust β€” Brandur Leach #rust #scaling
- lobsters

rain hitting a sheet metal roof is my preferred white noise πŸŽΆπŸ’–

πŸ’€ browsers are complex, y'all

despite that I'm making a lot of progress (I hope), figuring out how all these objects get glued together to turn CSS into elements in memory w/ styles applied

there's a glossary of terms but it's really quite short. what I needed was a guide explaining how the different folders of source files interact with each other