protip: if you're unable to get back in after closing the window, removing the disabled attribute from the button works!

...imagine all the non-devs locked out of purchasing insurance by bugs like this ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Since everyone seemed to love my terminal mockups, I've made another one!

This is a further design exploration, showcasing:
โ€ข background jobs label/popover
โ€ข `ls` displaying an actual list of files! Of course, they are interactive, you can drag'n'drop them from here, click them to open, and right-click for more options.
โ€ข autosuggestions being contextual: here, they suggest you to re-run `apt` as root or read the docs
โ€ข a collapsed card
โ€ข `git` using real graphics

If you like to toot about science, if you make comics, if u make games, or if u think your commentary on those subjects is somewhat witty, comment here and I will follow u.

also RT so more ppl can see this

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Apparently there is a Firefox add-on that can report the cross-browser compatibility of a website, using MDN data:

It isโ€ฆ spookily accurate for Pinafore. I explicitly targeted latest Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, with no support for IE. And I believe Edge 16 is required because I'm using isIntersecting in IntersectionObserver. Pretty impressive if that's how it figured it out!

to preserve habitats for hundreds of species, we've gotta burn the undergrowth

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Hi, everyone!
Does anyone know of any company that is hiring remote junior developers? I have more than one year of experience in backend and I am looking for new opportunities.

I will appreciate all your RT! ๐Ÿ™Œ :mastodon:

"Most of us have too much baggage, too many commitments, and too many priorities."

Yes, the @tootapp IOS client rotates images properly and is 50% off right now. For $2, itโ€™s a steal!

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