A street artist has been improving Facebook billboards across London.


I need to pay more attention to those. I just see the first line and roll my eyes 😛

@seb_ly Regarding the fake news one, I also consider the current push to have them filter what FB/Atlantic Council etc. would consider "fake news". They have their agendas too and requiring them to filter fake news is a terrible idea. May be put a little banner that says 'Suspicious content' or whatever at most, but I want to be the ultimate judge of what I see. I know is a double-edged sword for some, but I don't think filtering content is a way to go here.

@seb_ly so where did this 'there's such thing as bad publicity' thing come from?

@wictory I’m not sure if anyone here will see this and think hmm I must use Facebook more 😊

@seb_ly i'm not sure either and you're probably right, facebook is winning
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