‪Just had someone in all seriousness ask me if I'd seen that Kylie Jenner had her baby, and my eyes rolled so far back into my skull that I'm looking down my own esophagus now.‬

Ophelia, having read a great number of books in her lifetime, immediately realized what they were looking at. "It's a secret door."

Juliet snorted. "It's not very secret. You can see the hinges right here."

"Secret hinges."

"And a doorknob."

"A secret doorknob."

‪Working on the novel today, Patreon peeps, in case y'all are keeping tabs on me.‬

So I'm writing a murder/ghost/weirdo series on Patreon, and this is the latest bit of it, which I'm tossing up here for FREEEEE! You know, in case you guys are interested, you know?


Today is a Tom Waits playlist sort of day.

Today everyone is a one-armed dwarf from Singapore playing a banjo strung with only two strings.

Help! I've fallen into a Morrissey playlist trap and now I'm terribly, terribly sad, but I have great hair!

Just posting my December colouring pages pack for my $10+ Patreon supporters!

It contains five mandalas, three pattern pages and one ornamental design to colour.

If you're not supporting me on Patreon and you can spare a dollar or so a month to fund my creative addiction (and get goodies in the process!), you can do so here >



mastodon.social/media/kCDsitQY mastodon.social/media/HZWKYqKh

Writing plans for today, people! My ongoing library of interconnected stories/characters is getting complex enough that I've got to start planning out future narratives so I don't lose track or forget things.

Holy crap, I'm like all professional and junk!

Anyway, if you'd like to read any of my stuff, most of it is up for free reading over at my Patreon page:


There is another woman in this tea shop with Scrivener open and it is taking everything in me not to stare and siddle over and attempt secret writer handshakes.

Writer handshake being, of course a fistpump because you don't want to spill your whiskey, paired with deep knowing looks of existential suffering

If anybody ever questions the veracity of my statement that I dress like a four year old, they must first observe that I’m wearing clothes specifically made for children. And Wonder Woman underwear.

I may be having a Slurpee and a handful of blackberries for dinner and also YOU AIN'T THE BOSS OF ME.

I am drinking pomegranate tea and pretending it is whiskey, in case you wondered what my day was like.

Writing is constantly worrying if you're producing trite garbage that nobody will ever see, then realising that's true and publishing it anyway.

"Something that feels like feathers brushes against his cheek and it’s all that he can do to not scream like a terrified child when the closet door creaks open in the middle of the night..."

Free to read over at patreon.com/posts/15583811

Going to use power tools to try to put a section of my backyard fence that blew down back up again.

See y'all in the hospital!

Sitting in a cafe having some coffee and this kid slides by on roller skate sneakers and my first thought was HOLY CRAP I AM SOOOOO HIGH.

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