Anyone can DJ, for the next two hours, starting right the heck now. I've got one very beautiful post-metal/rock/whatever track from Australia's We Lost the Sea but then the rest is up to you! #aNONradio #OpenMic


Come visit us in com's anonradio room or #anonradio on if you need a hand with anything, to coordinate shows, or of you just wanna gossip!

@jaiecoute l'éléctro Ambiant de @6klop
et son album instrumental entre jazz, hip hop et field recording. à télécharger gratuitement (ou pas) sur le label @secheprod

#pouetradio #tootradio #musique #music #CC #gratuit #téléchargement

Cover of the new EP of Sons Of Apache, will be out in October ! Art by Yaox

If you have 25 minutes to calm down, try Claire M Singer, britannic artist, organist at Union Chapel. Here is a great :

If you're a musician and you'd like to collaborate with someone at random, here's your change: we're starting the third edition of the #MusicCollab! No genre restrictions whatsoever, you only need to be open to work with someone who might make very different music than you.

Sign up here:

#music #mastomusic

Seche Productions is born !
Tomorrow we'll to you this... !
Sons Of Apache, band from Dieppe, Normandy will release this :


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