I regularly use library e-books and audiobooks and you can really see the publishers’ business model’s impact on what’s available.

But I never run out of books to read.

Why e-books, e-audiobooks could be harder to snag at your local library cbc.ca/news/entertainment/libr

Interested in surveys, data visualization and dashboarding? Come to our session on “Fine-Tuning Your Survey Dashboards for Maximum Impact” in room 405.

I love that there is collaboration between IR and research ethics office!

Excited to learn about creating more effective survey questions.

It’s Day 3 of and having come westward means I’m up early

This afternoon at 1:45 join me and my colleague Patrick for the CIRPA best presentation: “Fine Tuning Your Survey Dashboards for Maximum Impact” to learn about visualizing survey data.

I’m extablut tomorrow. I’m running a game of Scum & Villiany

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