The past few days, I've been using, a minimal feed reader, to keep up with my subscriptions.

If you're also looking for a bandwidth-friendly yet solid way to manage your reading list, I suggest taking a look.

Does anyone have articles covering flying with a manual, rigid wheelchair?

Receiving my has allowed me to think about the possibility of travel after years spent mostly at home, but I still have concerns. Like ensuring my chair isn't damaged.

My custom Ti-Lite wheelchair arrived today! So grateful to have new wheels that don't look like I just rolled out of the hospital.

If you've never used a wheelchair long-term, my excitement may seem odd. But I assure you, this is an incredible upgrade, in substance and style.

There is nothing more precious than hearing my two year old singing the ABC song from across the apartment.

β€œWill you be nice to Facebook and Google at the afternoon sessions?” β€” organiser to me at #NordicPrivacyArena

(I asked the transport minister of Finland and the Mozilla rep hard questions at their sessions.)

Me: β€œI don’t think that’s the right question to ask. Would you be nice to Exxon Mobil at an environmental protection conference?”

It's only five days until my new lightweight wheelchair arrives, and a few weeks until I start prosthesis training.

I feel the urge to celebrate.

Do you have a favorite GNOME calendar app that supports creating events using natural language? (Example: "Meeting with Y at Z, 3:30pm Friday.")

Finding a complete outfit is much easier, now that I only have to locate one sock. πŸ˜‚

I've never met a system I didn't want to disassemble and tinker with.

I'm excited about life post-surgery. Especially taking some new photos that will hopefully reflect feeling strong and comfortable in my body once again.

My thinking is, anyone can't help but look like a badass, standing there with a carbon fiber leg.

🎢 "They're digging for gold in my neighborhood, for what they say is the greater good. But all I see is a long goodbye, a requiem for a skyline." 🎢

"Move fast and break things," has impacted software authors, even some who claim they don't feel the influence. It isn't unusual to encounter misplaced emphasis on rapid evolution at the expense of stability.

Velocity is a useful metric, until it poisons your end product.

I've never asked how to "turn off Bixby," yet it's the top suggested search term when I type "turn off."

In a world of mostly helpful digital assistants, I feel kinda bad for Samsung.

After much pain and deliberation, I've decided to amputate my troublesome right foot and replace it with a much lighter (and more durable) lower-limb prosthetic.

It's the first step towards becoming a cyborg.

Comparing Wi-Fi benchmarks on my new ThinkPad X1 Carbon to a previous Macbook Pro. Though both adapters supported the 802.11ac standard, the X1 Carbon is roughly 20Mbps faster, on average. πŸ”₯

A full review is coming, I promise.

JavaScript libraries, in my opinion, break the world far too often. However, I still believe in building large systems out of small parts, and letting complexity evolve over time.

I've also come to realize that brand of construction requires rigorous testing and/or types.

We launched the new version of the Cockpit website today!

In case you haven't heard of it yet: Cockpit is a friendly graphical interface for Linux servers. It works on (and is included in) most major distros.

Check out the site. πŸ˜‰

Did you know it's legal to pay disabled employees less than minimum wage?

Discrimination is allowed based on "blindness, mental illness, developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, alcoholism and drug addiction."

That's capitalism for ya.

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