also I've been playing like every gigantic outer space game that works on my oldass OS over the last 3-4 weeks, and although I didn't go super deep with all of them I will nonetheless pronounce: X3 Terran Conflict is my favorite by a long shot. The Last Federation was the biggest disappointment. Stellaris was almost perfect but it gets reallllly samey after the initial bliss. YMMV!!

only 4 deep into Attack on Titan but I'm v glad I broke down and finally checked out what all the fuss is about!! This shit is intense!

not to say there isn't a bit of a weird gender thing going on under the skin. not like Idiocracy-level but on that spectrum

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Vice Principals is a good show, I recommend it for watching if you like stories

i bought a new pair of headphones, nicest ones i've had in a minute. Grado sr80e, they were lightly used on ebay for 66$+10 shipping. I like them a lot so far

just got home from work.. gonna watch 1 episode of season 2 Vice Principals then go to bed for 3.5 hours and get up for some JURY ASS DUTY

right now I'm waiting for Headband to come over and borrow a weird Firewire cable to take on his tour. later I'm going to have a meeting about the gameshow and then go to work at The Club.

today I drove to Beltsville to Atomic Music, one of the best stores in the USA, to drop off some old gear that needs new batteries soldered to the circuit boards. while I was there I was coerced into playing a vintage moog mini and it was cool, and a new moog little phatty that was cool. alas, I cant even kind of afford either of them rn

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Connecting with colleagues drake no face

Posting into the void drake yes face

right now this site feels like 4:50AM at a sleepover and i'm pretty into it. apologies in advance for the TMI/livejournal type steez I'm bout to inflict pon ya TOOT!

take a look at this: "The Earth sings MI FA MI so that you may infer even from the syllables that in this our domicile MIsery and FAmine obtain." that's motherfucking KEPLER. the astronomer

I went off lamictal last year bc I felt like it might have had something to do with the uncharacteristic paucity of tunes by me coming into the world during the 2013-2016

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went to a new doc today, she wants to put me back on the old meds (lamictal) :/


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