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ProTip: if you need to zero a drive, do it from inside a Docker container that only has access to that device. You can inspect it inside the container to check it's the right one, and then can't typo your way into catastrophe.

$ docker run -it --rm --device /dev/sdh alpine

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Unethical ProTip: Apply the Win10 wallpaper to Windows 7 and you’ll pass the audit.

Vale lembrar que todo mundo que votou no: Bolsonaro ou Amoedo ou algum outro fascista:


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Fast Company has published its list of the 100 most creative people in tech. I'm #18, and I talk a bit about my work on spouseware and stalkerware. fastcompany.com/90345870/most-

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Face recognition:
1) Gives law enforcement power they’ve never had before, raising 1st and 4th Amendment questions.
2) Makes mistakes, with consequences disproportionately affecting African Americans.
3) If left unchecked, threatens our due process rights.

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3 opções:
1 - ele não lê o que assina,
2 - ele não entende o que lê, ou
3 - mente descaradamente sem nem ruborizar.
O que você acha? twitter.com/oglobopolitica/sta

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Google has been reading your emails and quietly keeping a record of everything you have ever purchased. ProtonMail puts your privacy first by encrypting your inbox. Only you can read your inbox. twitter.com/verge/status/11294

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Thanks to Facebook, your cell phone company is watching you closer than ever interc.pt/2YDnXjq by @samfbiddle@twitter.com

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When someone says Sci-Hub is illegal: Sci-Hub is real open knowledge, that works here and now. Sci-Hub is considered to be not legal = open knowledge is not legal in current law. Why cannot everyone see this simple truth?

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Please stop trying to solve shitty behavior with technology. twitter.com/holly/status/11300

Ontem pedimos batata no Afonso pelo UberEats, e o entregador nunca apareceu. Achei ele no Facebook e mandei isso:

Mesmo conhecendo, nem prossiga
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Caso o navegador não reconheça um certificado como confiável apenas prossiga se tiver certeza da idoneidade da instituição.

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Have a look at this amazingly comprehensive map of every country in the world that uses the MMDDYYYY format

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Reuse ideas, not code.

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Bolsonaro disse: "É mentira, eu vetei. Estão dizendo que eu sancionei".

Ele sancionou. Ontem mesmo.

É esse o nível. twitter.com/OGloboPolitica/sta

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Seja cuidadoso com suas chaves criptográficas. Se você perdê-las não poderá decifrar as mensagens que dependiam de tais chaves.

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