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Look out body of christ!!! Here I cum!!!

So, basically, it's "Aliens", but with plants.

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Finished Phase 1 of a personal coding project.
Potential Income? check.
Learn Python3? check.

Nothing rejuvenates like success! πŸ˜†

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Just got around to finishing the Spoony Bard’s radio adaptation of Fallout 1. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable tale about a lone woman wandering the wastes, laying ruin to men she meets by delivering lethal punches to their groins.

Really recomemended. Find it on itunes!

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5,000 commits in the Mastodon repository. WOah

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RT @diodelass@twitter.com: ME: so this is a RAID array
YOU: but the A in RAID is for "array" so isn't saying "RAID array" redundant?
ME: Yes, that's what the R is for.

Working on not being sad about being lonely. Actually making a little progress. πŸ‘

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"...Grandfather say .... it won't rain everyday..."

It's late and I'm binging on True Blood. If you haven't watched it but want to, stop reading this. Show more

Is there any way to set default account preferences?? I want to set my new accounts to default to require confirmation of follow requests.