Rome, Italy, 27/2/2018: snow, iced streets, no water, no public transportation. HALP!

Gentle reminder that it's okay to go to sleep when you're tired. It doesn't make you lazy or mean that you aren't committed to your job, schoolwork, or whatever else compels you to stay awake.
Getting enough sleep is a responsible thing to do, and necessary for the health of your flesh-body.

Yesterday Terminator 2, today Se7en. I love Sanremo nights here in Italy, other channels air majestic classic movies, thinking that everyone's watching the festival. Let's enjoy this David Fincher masterpiece.

Telegram Login, because Oauth 2 definitely isn’t a thing already.

So Telegram introduced "Telegram Login for websites", just like Facebook login for websites. That's scary.

People, use Signal (

Facebook logged the posts you wrote but then erased and never posted in the first place, and now they kindly published a study about it :thinkhappy: (PDF)

PSA for people who #code:

Looking stuff up does NOT make you bad at coding.

"Not having to look up stuff" is NOT the benchmark for a good coder, especially as coders have to look up stuff ALL THE TIME!

And I don't mean highly advanced stuff, but stuff like "How does division work again?" or "What's that function called?" or my personal favorite "How to I nest for loops in list comprehensions?".

It's ok if you have to look up stuff!

#coding #adventofcode

*steam autumn sales*

Me: oh great, steam link is only 5 euros! Add to cart!

Steam: yeah, but 12 euros for delivery, please.

Me: ahahah *remove from cart*

I think this is the first week end in the last 15 years that I don't hang out. I really need new friends, but it's not that simple at my age.. Suggestions...?

Football Manager 2018 released, and I'm completely absorbed by my last exam and my graduation thesis. Life is unfair.

Oh great, another Star Wars trilogy... Disney stahp.

What does do?

Using instead of linking to questionable websites directly will prevent your links from improving these websites' position in search engines. Additionally will remove the referer, so the linked website will not know where its visitors are coming from.

How does it work?

• This url is blocked in our robots.txt file, so (search engine) robots are discouraged from crawling it.
• The "nofollow" attribute of the link and the intermediate page give robots another reminder to not crawl the link.
• If a known robot does decide to crawl the link, our code will identify it and serve it a blank page (403 Forbidden) instead of redirecting to the url.
• Redirects are implemented via JavaScript and not via http response status codes so the browser will remove the referer from the request.


Prima partita col Var e già ne sono innamorato. Rigore solare assegnato solo grazie al Var, proteste spente sul nascere con un "tranquillo, se è mano me lo dicono e annullo il gol" dell'arbitro. Finalmente.

Twin Peaks 

I'm at episode 8 of the new Twin Peaks, and I still don't understand ANYTHING.

It feels like Lost, where every episode adds more confusion without giving a single answer to previous questions. And I hated Lost.

Sorry David Lynch, I give up.

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