Please feel free to join my discord for more info, as it comes. Or just for fun.

Here's the currently planned schedule, all times are tentative and subject to possible change. Please feel free to also check out the associated pages and donate if you have a penny or a pound spare. every little is appreciated.

This coming January 25th, for one week, I'm going to be streaming the entire core assassin's creed series over at to raise money to aid homeless charities Both local and National @CrawleyOpenHse
& @crisis_uk


good morning. it's 6:22 am bst. and I slept too long. Hope your day is going well.

unexpected bonus art stream.. hang out as I paint (begin to) @JimSterling into page 5 of my practice sketchbook

Lockdowns and the UK: The Year-long Path to 100,000 deaths

A new video by me -

My wife has installed cold turkey, but accidentally activated it for every account.

I'm now unable to work.

This is one of the few sites that are still accessible.

If anyone can help, please, hit me up.

hi . I'm looking for suggestions for who to follow and why.

@mogwai_poet it and proving ground just seemed to be completely forgotten by most everyone

@mogwai_poet Project 8 is deeply underrated and does deserve much more love.

2018 , maybe ill be good at something in 2018... doubt it though.

What film should I go see this weekend? Iv'e already gotten around to Death of Stalin, Thor this month, any thoughts?

Oh my i do dislike writers block somewhat. When it's so bad that i can not even come up with a reliable topic for a post on a social network, that's just ridiculous torture.

I've turned much of my house upside down and I cant find my copy of panzer dragoon zwai anywhere. this is a travesty of monumental proportions, and also, very annoying.

The half-life on lessons learned from shameful chapters of human history seems to be around 70-100 years.

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