I need everyone in tech and especially in tech media to stop misleadingly and credulously calling machine learning technology "AI". Nobody has invented AI. Nothing on the market is AI. Not Siri, not Watson, not anything. It does not exist.

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@seldo can we call it artificial stupidity? artificial reactivity? automated question answering?

@seldo Yes! Thank you! I've seen people calling search engine algorithms AI, which is just ridiculous.

@seldo the term "machine learning" was a rebranding of the same technologies and techniques that we were calling "AI" up through the 90s. Going back to "AI" is fine.

@seldo My husband (a computer engineer) getting grumpy about this exact issue is why my new SF book specifically calls them "learned machines."

I explained it in my author's notes as:

Computer engineers are mostly referring to programs that use "machine learning" and science fiction authors are mostly referring to "non-biological persons."

i mean, i guess it depends on whether you're going by typical sci-fi meanings of AI, or whether you want to go more with the way it was used in the very beginnings of computer science, when AI encompassed pretty much all programming that wasn't just crunching numbers, any thing that previously needed a person, and couldn't be replaced by a desktop calculator and a little time.
anyways, autocorrect is AI.

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