Last year over 16,000 JavaScript developers participated in npm's JavaScript ecosystem survey, giving amazing insights into what our community is doing and where trends are going. Now it's that time again! Participate in the 2018 survey right here:

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The Angular community will be particularly pleased to learn that we are, at last, distinguishing between "AngularJS" and "Angular" in our framework questions.

React fans: we have a set of detailed questions about React, React Native, Redux and more that we think you'll want to answer:

TypeScript users: we've expanded our questions about how and how often npm users use TypeScript, so make sure you participate!

C# and F# developers, we know you use npm as well, and this year we refined our questions so that you can participate in our survey:

If you're using cloud functions (aka ) to deploy your JavaScript, we want to hear from you in the 2018 npm survey:

GraphQL users: there are some specific questions in our survey we'd like you to answer:

Have you heard of WebAssembly? What do you think about it? We've got some questions in our survey about that too:

@seldo but how does the angularjs community feel about it

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