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@mastohost what is your policy for complying with foreign legal actions, do you have anyone to cover for you when you're sick or on vacation or asleep, and what kind of backups are available?

anyway, i hope everything bad in this universe that could possibly happen to jack dorsey does.

woke up this morning and my last twitter alt was banned. what'd i do this time? nothing. i have no doubt that there's a nazi lurking through everything i post and sharing it on a forum for mass-reporting.

has anyone figured out how to get an mp4 to work as an auto-playing background on mobile browsers yet

They really must have my name on a list in the office

i have a json object with a text file in one of its fields that i'm having express render as "text/plain" when sending a response. however, whenever it renders, it ignores the '\n' line breaks in my code and just prints everything on one line without the '\n's. how do i get my line breaks?

i am shocked that room full of middle aged white men who were criticized for persisting to maintain a racist stereotype long after it outlived its cultural acceptance decided to respond to that criticism by attacking "political correctness"

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This is amazing, we evolved the alphabet from pictograms to highly stylized characters to letters and now we're going full circle by incorporating emojis such as 🐂 that thousands of years earlier became "a" and 🐟 that became "d"

a mass shooting at syracuse university, here in my hometown of syracuse, was narrowly averted thanks to a friend compelled to snitch in one of the very few cases where that's actually ok

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Video shows Israeli snipers cheering direct hit on Palestinian protester
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Libcom: **Anti-Semitism – rooting out oppression or ruling class hypocrisy?**

"Those who see the need to eliminate anti-Semitism should involve themselves in the struggle for a classless and nationless world. The current media circus about Parliamentary factions is totally removed from the necessary struggle to root out anti-Semit…"

#anarchism #bot

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Tired: mosh pit
Wired: nosh pit

i wish there was a service for uploading and sharing mp3s that aren't your own that shared the revenue with the artist whose music you're sharing like youtube does but sans preroll ads

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Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study

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does anyone do anything creative online anymore without asking for money

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how do you get an extended path to work in express?

like /articles/:article works fine but if i do /articles/preview/:post_id, it says it cannot get articles/preview.