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smashing my work laptop at the end of the workday like a guitar at the end of a punk show

every spherical thing is a sweet friend and that's the mood for tonight

drama shitpost 

ah, ive spent thousands of hours developing an alternative social media platform that is appealing to marginalized people. now to take a big sip of water and see how everyone reacts to me downplaying accusations of sexual assault

hi friends and followers we freakin did it, im now, see yall there 😘

let me in cowards i know you want these hawt elder scrolls posts

5:48pm folks it's the bitching hour, air your grievances and bare your feelings 

meeting went extremely well! hopping str8 into anxiety about my Big Move this weekend ayy

tooting is my real job everything else is just resume padding

yes, I *will* quote Foucault at you but I will *also* only pronounce it Fucko, so I think it evens out

if you use the tilda (~) to flirt you're a lesbian sorry

last thought at night: to-
first thought in the morning: -ot

new spell "reduce surface area" it reduces your surface area by making you more spherical while keeping your mass and density the same

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