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Guilherme Semente

"Your is your brain in corporate design, your heart is a product, the Apple of your eye"

This is very important:

"Article 13 of the Copyright Directive will force internet platforms (social networks, video sites, image hosts, etc.) to install upload filters to monitor all user uploads for copyrighted content, including in images – and thus block most memes, which are usually based on copyrighted images.


It will come down to every single vote. (...) The NGO EDRi has made a list of key swing votes:

This will affect .

Peertube, an ActivityPub based alternative to YouTube, is running a crowdfunding campaign

Comes at an important time, with YouTube blocking legitimate videos on (incorrect) copyright grounds, such as MIT's OpenCourseWare videos and the Blender Foundation's videos

Some ideas for FSF campaigns:

Try to persuade more people uploading to YouTube to select a CC license rather than the YouTube Standard license. This will more easily allow non-Youtube sites to copy and host the same content without legal problems.

General promotion of PeerTube.

Promote the fediverse as an alternative to Twitter/Facebook

At events or talks give a fediverse address in preference to a Twitter URL.

Maybe consider moving Savannah to Gitea, or running Gitea in addition.

Advocate for free software projects to not be hosted on Github.

and “Smart Totalitarianism”

Under , state and corporate power have fused to impose new forms of social control, using technology to transform private life into a system of total domination.

@sivy is a federated events manager similar to Meetup. It's not using AP protocol yet, but that's planned

#PeerTube is free/libre software alternative to YouTube

-- federated (uses ActivityPub)
-- peer2peer streaming
-- currently in beta

non-profit @Framasoft is crowdfunding its development

this project is already usable (more than 50 instances)
and can be a game-changer.

Boost its development and give it more visibility.

To Save #Democracy, We Must Change Social Media Networks

"The triple alliance of #digitalcapitalism, #neoliberalism ideology and #farright politics” are evident in #CambridgeAnalytica, the Musk troll mob, & Thiel/Mercer’s attacks on universities.

the promise of #socialnetworks has fallen into the hands of actors in a larger network, namely that of corporate interests. The only way out is by creating alternative #publicnetworks and #cooperativeplatforms."

is a decentralized federation protocol based on the W3C's , which extends 2.0. It provides a server to server API for pull request, forking and subscription of repositories provided by web services (services like , , , )... No code yet, but I like the idea! 🙂

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I put version control hosting + activitypub (read: federated github-alternative) on tomorrow's socialcg agenda

Github is now a fully owned, proprietary tool of Microsoft.

It's time to decide.

Do we as a community allow our future to depend upon commercial interests of a company that to this day spreads FUD and minimizes our impact when it suits their plans?

Or do we step up, do what we do best and take our code to somewhere created by the us for us and the good of the community?

This isn't about hating Microsoft. It's about loving our own sovereignty and controlling our *own* future.

Please Boost.

datacenters do not imbue computers with special powers. if you own a desktop less than a decade old, congrats! you already own a server more than capable of hosting any and/or all of these:

- #gogs
- #nextcloud
- #pleroma
- #rocketchat
- #discourse
- #prestashop
- #funkwhale
- #hugo
- #radicale
- #standardnotes
- #prosody
- #wallabag
- #wordpress
- #etherpad
- #dokuwiki
- #ttrss
- #kanboard
- #pixelfed
- #loomio
- #pihole
- #taiga
- #kodi
- #searx
- #homeassistant
- #znc

(for free, forever)

@jd The article's interpretation of EEE is incorrect. Embrace is about adopting free software protocols. Microsoft putting lots of stuff on github is still part of Embrace.

Extend is about adding "value add" to the protocols, beyond what the free software tools offer, available only using proprietary tools. This creates gravity toward the proprietary tools.

Extinguish is when compatibility with free software can be abandoned entirely, because most people are using the extended protocol.

Buying the biggest service in the space allows Microsoft to go down the Extend route. Github already has Extended git-adjacent space by providing issues and pull requests that cannot trivially be integrated with other hosts and free software tools. The reason github attracts projects is not because they're so good at hosting git repos. It's because of git's integration into their proprietary services.

"I can't convince my friends to come to because it is too complicated to set up!"


"We need a decentralized federated replacement!"

2 different issues. We don't need something at the scale of Facebook. Mastodon and federation work because it is people coming together in instances that connect to other communities, think neighborhoods to cities to provinces. It took a long time to build these nations, give Masto time to create more shared interest instances.


Not everyone can self host software systems.

Not everyone wants to self host software systems.

Not everyone gives a shit about tech

Most people just want to go online, do their thing and move on with their day

If there is a mass exodus from GitHub / GitLab or others we people hosting our own infra need to be good about discovery, community building, community engagement and more.

We also need to figure out how to federate authn/authz. I'll skip over submitting small things if it means yet another account on yet another server run by yet another random.

Centralization isn't great but it does facilitate discovery, community and engagement.

We need to keep this at the back of our mind.

@semente As opposed to which has been transforming as a means to drive adoption. (Cheers )