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maybe github failure will remind people why self-hosting is important
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capitalists: under communism, you'll have to share your car and your home with random strangers!!!

capitalists, 30 years later: now you can share your car and your home with random strangers, this is Innovation
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"Jair  is a right-wing Brazilian who holds repulsive views. He has said that if he had a homosexual son, he’d prefer him dead; that a female colleague in the Parliament was too ugly to rape; that Afro-Brazilians are lazy and fat; that global warming amounts to “greenhouse fables”. He is nostalgic for the generals and torturers who ran for 20 years. Next Sunday, in the second round of voting, Mr. Bolsonaro will most likely be elected president of Brazil."

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YEEEESSS! This is the best thing I ever seen in #GNOME!! a commands API/UI for the apps! not like #Ubuntu HUD BS! a real command API for apps!! like "/" for #GIMP!!

mockup by 4d ago

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#SurveillanceCapitalism is like the Global Warming of the Information Technology world.

- Most people don't know about it.
- People whose behavior helps it don't want to talk about it.
- A few corporations make ridiculous profits from it.
- No immediate side-effects are felt at an individual level but only over the long run.
- The people who warn about its dangers are dismissed as being paranoid.

Also, surveillance capitalism indirectly helped global warming by getting Trump elected.

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1.17.0 is alive. You might encounter bugs because this release has huge changes.

Have fun with and your Mastodon accounts :)

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I think @Purism should do a free software-based #Kindle alternative after the #librem5.

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A #meshnet is a perfect example for how #mutualaid works. When someone sets up a node, they make the whole network a little larger and stronger - but in return they get access to this huge useful system. Everyone gets more out than they put in

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The more user-freedom-violating open-source applications I see, the more convinced I am that #Stallman was right about freedom being the more important aspect, not just sharing the source code.

Open source was a big ideological mistake, but unfortunately turned out to be a convincing proposition for capitalists.

Bad examples I've personally seen in the last 2 months:
Docker CE, Microsoft VS Code and Wavebox

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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@haitch it's worth mentioning that when people asked RMS "why are you still using non-free hardware then?", his answer was basically "free hardware is not a real concept, there is only free design, not free hardware. The hardware itself cannot be modified nor manufactured by users. It is not possible, and pointless to refuse hardware w/ non-free design, as long as it respects users."

But if FPGA-like programmable hardware is going to be everything in the future, the story is going to be different.

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Youtube going down is, in my opinion, another reminder of the issues of having one semi-monopoly platform for such an important and useful service. When the platform that is the only place that does the thing goes down, you can't do the thing.

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Propriedade é fruto de colonização e cerceamento. O discurso de Proudhon que "propriedade é roubo" surgiu nesse contexto histórico em que terras que eram usufruídas num coletivo passaram a ser cercadas e exploradas unicamente pelo "proprietário".

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#Youtube is Down!

Post your favorite #Peertube video!

(This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen. Also Richard Stallman singing about hackers...)

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Youtube going down the same day as a libssh vuln getting released is not very reassuring. Especially when ffmpeg depends on libssh... is youtube using ffmpeg?

A handy () grep command for :

(defun semente-rgrep ()
"Run git grep if inside git repository otherwise use rgrep"
(if (file-directory-p (concat (vc-root-dir) ".git"))
(call-interactively 'vc-git-grep)
(call-interactively 'rgrep)))

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