@koyu no, it is not a repost and I'm not looking for boosts or likes. video was downloaded from @nowthisnews twitter account.

@koyu @semente
IMO: If you are on Mastodon to earn "likes and boosts" you missed the point of Mastodon.

@semente this is the most totalitarian speech I have ever heard.

It's people like this useful idiot, who give me nightmares about everything I hold dear in this world.

Nice video! I think we have to be very careful with regulations though, they could cause a lock-in effect.

If the regulations require a solution that can only be afforded by the biggest companies you essentially prevent any new start-ups from coming up and dethroning them.

@semente i think he doesnt mention all the wars being waged. Wars bring hate and propaganda.
So do we ban wars too, or we want wars to establish our way of lives but we dont wont the accompanied dire consequences ?

#ADL s personal jester Sacha Baron Cohen has voiced concern the big 6 SilVal billionaires consider themselves above the law.

And what do them think?

Exactly that!

Look how
sailing boat #Larry did not like to be criticized by the authorities for his #Oracle misconduct:


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