Here is what will happen if someone tries to log-in with a account in 😏

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@sengi_app <no words, no words, they should have sent a poet.gif>

@sengi_app if logging in with the app grants you delete privileges... Just roll over the account

Doing so might actually be illegal.
But this, this is 100% chef kissy fingers amazing. :D

@shlee @sengi_app
I imagine if someone wanted to make a case out of it, they could argue an unreasonable abuse of trust, destruction of "property", etcetera.
Of course, apps capture, store, and process people's data all the time, sometimes giving it to "partners" (when not covered by GDPR).. :P


I woulda' gone with Funny Goats, but I guess that's why you're a star and I'm not. ;)

@sengi_app what if instances do a no u and implement a rickroll on selected clients?

@succfemboi in that case there will be a rickroll on selected clients.

@sengi_app I mean, I don't like gab either and this change won't affect me at all but can't we just have neutral fediverse client/server implementations? Who knows what this will lead to

@sengi_app another tool all in for censorship. Wanker! I'll use an app that remotely tries to be objective. Too bad because switching social usually promotes useful tools. This not so much.

@mpg This is not censorship, this is a club. I only accept well dressed and respectful people here, that's all.

BTW, you're not a customer, I don't need you or your approval. You might be a guest, but only if you're behaving correctly.

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