0.12.0 is out!
Please find it on the project page or on !

This release brings the context-menu with all the related functionalities: mute/block/pin status/delete/etc.

Pleroma users should also have a much nicer experience!

@ChrisTalleras Hi! Thanks for your interest!

Right now, the building pipeline I'm using isn't supporting Flatpak (
So, it's not straightforward for me to provide a Flatpak build, and therefore using Flathub.

But I provide a web-browser version (on the project page), a .deb and AppImage builds and of course, it's also available on Snap (
I hope one of them will fit your needs!

I'm focusing on the (...)

@ChrisTalleras development right now, so I won't make false promises and I won't support Flatpak in a near future (unless it becomes natively supported in my actual pipeline, of course).
But when I will have a 1.0.0 version of Sengi (i.e. enough functionalities to be a mature app), I will definitively have a look to support it as well. :)

@ChrisTalleras AppImages aren't linked on the project page yet (it's a huge work in progress :) ), but you'll find it on the releases page on Github:

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