I have a surprise for you all. 😏
I've committed someone to create a proper logo for .

I didn't go the "contest" way because it leads to make people work for free. So I found someone that has a nice portfolio and paid upfront.

He just sent me the result, I'm waiting for the final files but... here it is! 😀

@teslawf haha yeah there is a little family resemblance. 🙂

Nice. And fair, not to go the competition way.

@sengi_app that's really good! I like that logo a lot. I discovered it as I reinstalled Sengi on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04. One question though, not related to the logo at all : Sengi isn't translated in french?

@altery happy you like it!
Et non, en effet Sengi ne supporte pas le Français ni aucunes autre langue en fait. 😶 Je dois admettre que j'ai pour habitude de toujours rester en anglais et qu'aucun effort n'a été fait dans ce sens... Mais après la 1.0.0 ça sera certainement envisagé, et comme c'est open source, si quelqu'un s'y colle je serai ravi d'intégrer ce genre de fonctionnalités. 😉

@sengi_app je suis capable que de traduire, si faut entrer dans quelque chose de plus technique je suis pas bon du tout ^^' je l'avais fait à une époque pour Leanote, un peu pour Variety, QMPlay il y a longtemps aussi! Et fut un temps je faisais partie des trads d'Ubuntu-fr. Je pense donc pouvoir aider sur Sengi si besoin :)

@altery super c'est noté. 🙂 Le problème se pose d'avantage sur le support même du multi-langue dans le code, je sais que c'est faisable mais ça demande aussi pas mal de travail, surtout quand c'est pas pris en compte dès le départ. 😅

@sengi_app appelons ça un challenge xD dans tous les cas ça n'enlève rien à la qualité de l'outil! 👍

@sengi_app looks really nice, i like this logo. But isn't lines of lags break this beautiful spiral? Maybe fix it somehow?

N.B. I am not a designer.

Maybe @acetone have opinion about this?

@MrClon @acetone thanks! and well it has to look like a Sengi in the first place. 🙂

@MrClon This is a beautiful logo. I would not change the position of the legs. I think everything is harmonious here 🌀

N.B. I'm not a designer too.


@Wraptile it's a different style indeed. 😉
But it's a bit more in the modern feel I wanted for the app. 😬

@sengi_app I switched to dark theme and there it definitely looks nicer! Btw is there light theme for sengi? I have a lot of external light and love to work outside 😔

@Wraptile theme support is something I've been asked before. 🙂
I'm not against it, I also think it would be a nice feature, unfortunately it's not a trivial thing to do, so maybe in the future, after the 1.0.0 release. 🙂

Of course, like any open source project, if someone is brave enough to tackle this functionality, it would be with a lot of pleasure that I would merge this into the project. 😉

@sengi_app that looks amazing! That'd be a nice icon to have in the dock.


I'm really happy you went this route. I feel like a lot of opensource projects are very weird often with expectations and values towards artists.

I really like the logo, looks super neat!

Only thing I find unfortunate is that the fancy graphic aesthetic is not very visible or somewhat lost in the small form that will be shown in for most of the time.

@ChrisTalleras thanks! 🙂

I have to say that I'm a photographer myself, so I'm a bit more aware of some "bad patterns" we can find against artists. 😬

For the logo, you're right, in the small form it's a bit messy. But I think small improvements on it should improve the readability of it, so I'm not too concerned about this. 🙂
I will work on a small alternative once the software is more mature, until then it's already a huge upgrade from the last one. 😅

@sengi_app this is great! just seeing this now. I love it.

@liaizon thanks! 🙂
BTW the last versions of Sengi are now supporting a lot more CW options, I know it was something you missed! 😉

@sengi_app oh cool! I will take a look, been mostly offline the last month or so, been out of the fedi loop lately

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