Can't stop laughing since I saw this. 🤣

Definitively the best idea I had for . 😶

@sengi_app Mixed between, "that's a good idea to have fun of haters" and "A tool doesn't block you to use it".
Anyway, at least, this old meme is still alive :D

@C_Chell for sure it's more a symbolical stance than anything else. 🙂

@sengi_app am I correct in identifying that user's desktop as Gnome? If so, I'm sad someone like that is using Linux... They should just use windows...

@hinton indeed, look like Gnome or at least a Linux desktop. That's where manichaeism is falling, no-one is only black or white, always shades of greys.

(english for accessibility)

Hello, in light of the apparent harassment of fedilab's developper on this very issue, leading to his burnout, can you clarify wheter you were in any form pressured to do this, and maybe state your position regarding forcing hardcoded blacklists into other people's projects?

Je cherche pas a troller, mais tu t'es impliqué dans ce débat et c'est peut-être utile que tu précises ta position, ça peut éclairer les gens qui aimeraient reprendre le projet ou en créer un nouveau. Savoir dans quel rapport de force ils se lancent :p

@koolfy I was planning to write a blog post about all this since some time, but the COVID and other issues on my side didn't gave me the time nor the attention needed.
The recent situation with Thomas (that I know, and exchanged with time to time) of course actualize this idea.

@sengi_app Not pressuring you one way or another, but very curious to see your article when it comes out :)

I hope we can at least make the community healthier for Thomas, whatever individual developpers decide for their own software.

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