Since the PR to remove Gab's block is getting some traction again I stated a bit more clearly my position here.

(please don't swarm the discussion, I'm just posting it here so that my position will be clearly known)

Also, I'm working on a blog post (since some time in fact) to state more in depth the reasons that made me do this, and to talk on various subjects around it.
I hope it will be ready soon. 😉

@maddox But I am a real douche. 😁

And I didn't degraded anything, in fact the drama it created and the hilarious reaction of Gab users was far above my own expectations.
It was worth the 5 mins coding fix by all means. 😉

@maddox @sengi_app while I tend to believe that blocking should be handled by end users, it is his client. It's also open source so people are free to fork it amd remove the limitation.

@maddox @jawsh Ah, yes. The beauty of open source - users acting like immature consumers even if they didn't pay for it.

@maddox oh, are we at the cock contest stage yet? Isn't it a bit too fast? 😶

@sengi_app wow… this is a big cavern troll… Don’t waste to much ink :).

@sengi_app People are allowed to disagree with you, but when you're doing the world a favour by making great free and open source software then I think you deserve some respect for the decisions my make and the work you do.

You're probably used to seeing a lot of shitposts on GitHub, but I'd just like to remind you that it's the fools who shout the loudest and the rest of us are just silently appreciating your amazing work 😁 I love what you're doing, so thanks a lot!

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