I had some accessibility requests recently, so I thought instead of releasing the notification revamp, I should fix those issues first.

Here is a little insight of column switching and browsing only made with the keyboard. πŸ™‚

The shortcuts will be Ctrl+Left/Crtl+Right for the column switching.

I'm testing a @pixelfed account in !

Looks good so far and I'm very excited by this new API compatibility provided by @dansup. πŸ™‚

It was time to enhance the error handling! Especially with polls creation. πŸ™‚

Will be released in 0.16.0

And here is a complete workflow of Status Scheduling! πŸ™‚

It will be released in 0.16.0

In 0.16.0 you will be able to see all your scheduled statuses and reschedule/delete them. πŸ˜ƒ

I've reworked the thread navigation! Now selected status will be displayed in light color and directly visible.
I also fixed the selection: you will now be able to select text! πŸ™‚

It will be released in 0.15.0.

I just released 0.14.0 and... I have already something to tease about 0.15.0. 😢

Have you ever been mad about loosing your scrolling position when browsing an account when reading a thread?

Well in the next version, you will always find the scrolling position in the same place you leaved it!
And adding some animations does really give a nice touch to the global look and feel of . πŸ™‚

In 0.14.0, you'll find a better profile display! πŸ™‚
Including: lots of new animations, media display, and more!

Due to the removal in the API of the DM timeline, DM might not work anymore on .
I've fix it by supporting the "Conversation" API (also known as "WTF ARE THOSE AVATARS ON ?!"), but with showing explicitly the participants list instead of hacking the last status avatar. πŸ˜‰

It will be release as a fix, in 0.13.2. πŸ™‚

0.13.0 will also have an emoji picker! Not as nice as the one of MastodonUI, but still, it should be good enough. 😢

0.13.0 will have a total revamp of the status editor!
It feels a lot more modern!

Controlling autosuggestion with the keyboard is now done! :)
It will be available in 0.13.0!

I'm working on auto-suggestions! It will be part of the 0.13.0 release. :)

Here is a little insight of the current state!

0.12.2 is out! It just some little improvements for the client version: now F11 key trigger the full-screen mode, and the menu bar is hidden by default and can be shown with the Alt key.
Thx @liaizon for those suggestions!

Remember how was the first to rickroll users?
Well, now, here is what will happen in 0.12.0 if someone tries to log-in with a juche.town account. 😏

(don't forget to follow comrade @kaniini !)

I'm not sure our friend @Tusky will follow me on this one. 😢

It has been 3 months of releases! Looking to my statistics, I can say that new versions where released quite regularly, and users seems to enjoy it! :)

Context-menu are coming in 0.12.0!

It will be easier to expand status, mention/DM people, and also (NEW) mute and block punks!

And blocking/muting people will perform the operation for all your accounts at the same time. :)

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