Remember how was the first to rickroll users?
Well, now, here is what will happen in 0.12.0 if someone tries to log-in with a account. 😏

(don't forget to follow comrade @kaniini !)

I'm not sure our friend @Tusky will follow me on this one. 😢

It has been 3 months of releases! Looking to my statistics, I can say that new versions where released quite regularly, and users seems to enjoy it! :)

Context-menu are coming in 0.12.0!

It will be easier to expand status, mention/DM people, and also (NEW) mute and block punks!

And blocking/muting people will perform the operation for all your accounts at the same time. :)

0.11.0 will let you filter boosts, replies and bots from timelines!

If you're using a mastodon fork that doesn't broadcast a custom status' char limit, will let you set it manually!

(planned for 0.11.0)

is now supporting multi-accounts aspects in polls!

(release planned in 0.10.0)

Here is what will happen if someone tries to log-in with a account in 😏

List edition is now done (0.9)!
If you're using:

- : you don't need to follow people before anymore: will auto-follow the found user and add it to the list.
- : sengi will detect you're on pleroma and will just add the account in the list. :)

Of course, since Pleroma's list handling might interest you as a Mastodon user, you might want to add a Pleroma's list and interact with it with your Mastodon account?

Guess what? That's exactly what Sengi is all about. ;)

I'm now working on the list support! It's quite a milestone since there is a lot of UI to do, but here is a little taste of what is already done.

(feat. my personal list haha)

is now supporting navigation between images!

(Planned for 0.8.0 Release)

Media previews can now be opened in the media lightbox!
It will be released in 0.8.0

I'm preparing the desktop client aspect of and now I have a CI/CD working with all platforms.
I still have some tests and tweaks to do, but... it's progressing. :)

Notifications are coming!
0.5 should make its way this week then. And it should be the last private release of . :)

The next steps will be to create a better landing page for the project, fixing some bugs and provide a (basic) roadmap.

Stay tuned!

I've looked into installers/packagers to prepare the desktop clients of .
So far I have the Windows and Linux (Debian) working great. Mac is a bit more tricky.

And I have to say that Sengi is looking good on !

Notifications are progressing! :)
It's quite a big part, but it will be worth it.

Making them to work efficiently on a multi-account app isn't a trivial thing to do, but I've done the difficult part (UX), now I'll have to handle all the edge cases and kill some bugs. :)

That's funny to remember that I started a year ago:

It was preliminary work that I've leaved besides for some months (working on some other pet-projects) and coming back at it last autumn.

I'm happy to see that it's now mature enough to be released in a beta phase in some weeks. πŸ™‚

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