@carlospg @narF really achievable without huge trade-offs.

Also it's something that could be processed only once a day so it shouldn't be too resource intensive.

I'm a strong believer that useful algorithms (to oppose to mercantile algorithms) are the next steps for Fediverse applications, maybe this should be proposed to the repos of Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey/etc.

@carlospg @narF

It's a nice idea and it's something I was also thinking of a while ago when I was discovering Twitter (in 2009-2010).

And it's definitively something you must do server-side: lets say you want to group the publications of the last 24h (duration that could be defined by the user), you will then query the following's publications and then be able to group them/display them. Since a client can be launch at any time (and doesn't have this history of publications) it's not (...)


I see. 🙂 So all those accounts are from different Misskey's instances?

Yes I do have draft saving, I even have multiple drafts saving since you can open multiple editors (one per status you're replying to). That something some of my users asked for and it was worth it. 🙂

@mxmehl Yes Tweetdeck (the old desktop client) was my major inspiration for Sengi. 🙂

@norztech I'm curious, does Misskey accept adding Mastodon and Pleroma accounts from other instances directly inside its UI?

I created a little tutorial for new users in so that most of its particular aspect (that can be unsettling) are properly explained. 🙂

@liaizon @bleakgrey yeah naming is hard. I was convinced this thread was about the other Tootle app when I was mentioned earlier. It's definitely an issue.
(and congrads for your v1.0! 🙂)

0.31.1 is out! 🎉

It's a fix to handle char counts in status editor (my last update break some things 😶) and other minor improvement.

I'm tweaking how code is displayed (with a account), looks good! 😀

@mxmehl glad you like it! 🙂
I'll notify you when the new docker image will be available. 😉

@mxmehl no there isn't any permanent data on the server since all is done client side (and stay there, in fact, I don't even know how many users Sengi have since there is absolutely no data coming back to me).

I do have CI/CD pipelines working if you want (so you could host a fork and let the CI/CD do the job for you with your own FTP):

But I'll try to fix the docker image anyway, it will be nice to have it usable again so (...)

@mxmehl yes, in fact Sengi (in its "compiled" state) is only a bunch of html/css/js files (all minimized and so on).

If the PWA (progressive web app) aspect of it also interest you, it might need (I'll have to check) some fine tuning, but otherwise it's really only a good old dumb website to host somewhere.

I could work to fix the docker image in the following days, but I can also give you the procedure to compile it from the sources if you only want the html/css/js package if you like.

@mxmehl hi!
That's true I didn't invest enough on this side (auto-hosting builds and documentation).

I had a docker image (and it's still there) but it's in a broken state today (as no one seemed to complain about it, I haven't took the time to fix it yet 😶).

In what kind of environment would you like to auto-host Sengi? A docker one or a good old web server?
(my own deployment is on a shared hosting service)

0.31.0 is out! 🙂

It's a big revamp of status' content (mentions, links, hashtags) so that they behave more correctly.

I also fixed some glitches with statuses coming from and , and many other minor fixes.

Thanks a lot to Irie Aoi (eai04191) for letting me know about some of those issues!

@ScottMortimer @nolan yes, now that we have PWA, I feel that my Electron build is useless (I use Sengi as an installed PWA today).

But there is still issues: Firefox doesn't support this on desktop, and Chrome on Linux doesn't seem to set properly the PWA.
Until those issues are fixed, I guess I'll have to provide an Electron build...

@LienRag ah je vois. t'arrive à le reproduire ou c'était une seule fois et ça ne se reproduit pas ensuite ?

@LienRag donc tu a juste drag&drop une image dans Sengi et ça a donné ça ?
Quand tu a fermé le panneau ça s'est enlevé ou c'est resté ?

@LienRag tiens encore un bug étonnant, le texte qu'on vois appartient à une rédaction de toot ou alors à la discussion qu'on vois ? Tu avait un panneau d'ouvert ou pas ?

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