@maiwann ça a l'air très intéressant et utile ! j'y soumettrai Sengi ce soir. 🙂

@dada C'est bon, je peux garder VS Code alors. 🙃

@dashie FLOSS are usually handled by a glorious team of... 1. 😬

@cwebber I really like this idea, I'll add it to my TODO list. 🙂

Well my proof of concept is working. 😀

The tech (Service Workers) was completely new for me, the workflow is complex, and the Mastodon part isn't documented (like, getting the VapidKey is a total guess and I had to manually try endpoints to find it (the solution: /api/v1/apps/verify_credentials )).

But, I have mastodon push notification working now. It will be a bit of work to integrate it properly to Sengi, but the hard part is done.

2 hours ago: that would be nice to have Push Notifications, lets look how to handle that. 🙂

Now: OK. So I have my ServiceWorker set by the SwModule of Angular, I give him a VapidKey to get back urls and ArrayBuffered Keys so that I can convert them to Base64 strings and maybe, MAYBE, be able to send it to MastodonAPI to setup the PushNotifications. 🤪

I miss the 2000s.

@dolfsquare the QC25 cable is replaceable. 😉
If you really want BT you should look to the QC35 but it's not the same price unfortunately. 😕

@dolfsquare the Bose QC25 can be found around 200CDN, it's a must have 🙂

And... 0.16.0 is OUT! 🎉

A lot of new functionalities like: polls creation, status scheduler or error message enhancement!

Available as always on and/or the project's page.

So... is it a nice release?

alternative Mastodon front-ends 

It was time to enhance the error handling! Especially with polls creation. 🙂

Will be released in 0.16.0

And here is a complete workflow of Status Scheduling! 🙂

It will be released in 0.16.0

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The logo contest for #Fedilab is open here: github.com/stom79/Fedilab/issu
Don't hesitate to share the link and thanks for your contributions :)

Since I took some days off last weeks, didn't get any new release, letting 0.15.0 being the current release a bit longer than the previous ones.

Interestingly, this release got a lot more downloads (3 times more) than the last one. Making me realize that it's a lot more used than I thought.

I'm truly happy and honored that people like and use this little peace of software!

In 0.16.0 you will be able to see all your scheduled statuses and reschedule/delete them. 😃

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