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I aint lying when I say:
I am a bitter southerner.
I am a card carrying member of the precariat.
Every identifier also claims to know what I ain't.
That just ain't so.
I am not nothing.

You know that feeling when a crazy idea becomes reality? When the time between "hey, can we do this?" to "hey, we did this!" is over? Yeah. We're at that point with a open collaborative digital media project that we brought to the finish line this week. Nearly 20 people contributed nearly 50 digital media objects into an immersive 360 Alchemy Lab. I can barely explain it, except the project is collaboration at its finest. Come look: @wentale

“Unlike prose, which is complete, linear, headlong movement forward -- a poem is design that displaces silence on the page. You can look at it as a thing to wander in.”

-- from Into the Deep Heart’s Core, passage by Billy Collins, in Light in the Dark (Writers on Creativity, Inspiration and the Artistic Process), page 103

@lauraritchie Here's to finding the freedom to flower! I want to paint that on a wall somewhere. @cogdog

@cogdog untold secrets. Cacti are like people really, just they let you see the flowers. Some people bloom all the time, but others never find the freedom to flower.

So much to learn from plants. Trees, in particular, fascinate me.

Cacti in the forest are strange enough, but then again not, as in this part of northern Arizona all are adaptations to varying seasons of limited water. Strike your visions of desert as sand dune piles. They are lush.

But behold the surprise when a cactus is not just a prickly fella, but one bearing, for a short while, bouquets.

All still part of the life cycle, draw bees, pass on pollen, germinate, reseed.

@Tdorey Gardening teaches me continually that things can seem to be in bad shape, but actually be ready to flourish. Also, that I have no idea where to plant things.

"Art can obliterate all of the little lies we tell about ourselves... Art puts us in communion with the parts of ourselves buried under those lies, but only if we take time to immerse ourselves in it."
- Listening to CBC radio


When nothing happens?

When the storm stops and I am left washed on the sand

In the empty space between my ears, pause between my breaths, a hiatus of intention,

is time
to dream and be refreshed.

The past day I've pretty much allowed nothing to happen. I needed it. I hope you find rest and have had brightness in your day today.

Almon Strowger is best known for inventing the first deployed automatic telephone exchange in the late 1800s, but his main business was as an undertaker. He invented the exchange because he believed that a local manual-exchange operator, married to one of his competitors, was redirecting calls from his potential customers to her husband instead.

The net neutrality issue goes back a long, long time.

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