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@gonic so i went n read through the toots; porn was being posted on local on .social and mods weren't doing anything about it so she pinged them about it. then the porn account was banned, then she got banned but im not too sure why?

hey sup if you like im talking about it on @ronan so follow me there about it

i just put a thinking face but do yall really know what its for......

psa try not to run dedicated server software on local computers πŸ‘€ !!!!

wait wtf berries was running on local computer?

love how everyone is missing from mastodon when is down

║ appeared   β•‘

I want my funky berries back!! We demand a sacrifice!!!

It's too difficult to be funny here in social smh

berries space isnt working rn so i guess im back here for a got minute

boost if u think the girl on the left is just as pretty as the girl on the right

I'm watching the Sound of Music -- until I was in college, I thought it ended at the wedding, because my mother didn't let us watch the last part where the Nazis get serious. I was REALLY SURPRISED to discover there was another 45 minutes with terrifying Nazis!

consider commissioning me! just dm me on here if you're interested, I wasn't too sure about the prices (if anyone has any opinions on them and if I should change them please let me know!)

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