This year in art! probably the first year I was able to get some solid pieces done for each and every month. feelsgoodman.jpg

why isnt anyone online?? i refuse to believe ANYONE on this site has ever been in a church

If ur gay you should be allowed to take money out of the salvation army cans.

Who wants to fund my campaign for the next Minecraft Election

Hey there teens! Are kids these days still into Tech Decks?

The C in Christmas stands for Corporate Cash-grab

Just touched my chest and forgot i had a heart for a second and i felt smth moving and it scared me

Physically, i could kill an enderman.

But emotionally? Imagine the toll.

Me: maybe I could come out soon
Family: *laughs at homophobic jokes*

it’s so weird cuz Iike on twitter there were definitely tweets that id think about all the time, but on here it’s more fun because i know the people behind the toots i think about all the time so it’s not just like im thinking about funny toots all the time im also thinkin about my friends

words that will get u boosted without fail:
-todd howard

the four elements
water arson
earth arson
wind arson

Anyone ever asked tracer who SHE wanted to be?

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