@aral @rho small-tech.org/videos/index.xm is the URL. Looks like the output is a little bit wonky right now (I’ll get that fixed) but it still gets you the videos and transcripts when they’re updated!

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Varias televisiones se han hecho eco de una falsedad de El Mundo publicada ayer. Hoy El Mundo reconoce que mintieron en una “Fe de errores” 👇🏻¿Alguien piensa que esta nota compensa la difusión masiva de la mentira? ¿Rectificarán los telediarios?

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Sigue la "conversación constructiva".
...Si no son capaces de conseguir el "primero" y el "segundo" poder en las urnas,...a buenas horas van a soltar el "tercero".
Del "cuarto", ni hablamos... que se enfadan.

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Thanks to a heads-up from @heydon, I just fixed the formatting issues on my “Building a simple chat app with Site.js” post. Check it out here: ar.al/2019/10/11/build-a-simpl

Low←Tech Magazine.
"Este sitio web funciona con energía solar, lo que significa que en ocasiones estará fuera de línea.. " solar.lowtechmagazine.com/es/

Ana Rosa Quintana, del coronavirus: "¿Cuántos años lleva el SIDA? ¿Diez años? Hemos aprendido a vivir con él" | Televisión en la Cadena SER | Cadena SER


Las no-autoridades sanitarias recomiendan que, además de lavarse las manos, hay que lavarse la mente 🚿 Os ofrecemos nuestra biblioteca virtual para tal fin 📚


Porque no importa si estás de acuerdo o no con lo que lees. Lo importante es que lo pienses ✅

Cómo "modernizar" una película de 1880 con software libre y machine learning.


“…they've been subsidised into market dominance … You have insanely large pools of capital creating an incredibly inefficient money-losing business model.”

The Silicon Valley model in a nutshell.


The (seamingly-neverending) next release of Site.js is fi-nal-ly withing sight…

*sheds tears*


Well it took over a year but we managed to get Google Fonts removed from the Mozilla Rust project. Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported this.


Devs don’t let devs add surveillance to their tools.


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Primera mañana en libertad de Jordi Cuixart tras 822 días de secuestro por organizar manifestaciones modélicas, históricas.

Pero mañana debe volver al encierro.

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Continually insisting “Britain isn’t racist” is racist in itself because you’re dismissing and diminishing the lived experiences of non-white people as well as the history (and current policies!) of our incredibly racist country.

Done some website tweaks. Better grid (thanks to Rachel Andrew’s editorial patterns and Michelle Barker’s clarifying talk at SOTB), bigger type for bigger viewports (love me some fat fonts), reinstating the original nav colours, and some text here and there.


@aral @fosdem I've privately shared these sentiments you pointed out. When I see the big 5 names it makes me distrust who ever is in partnership with them. Do business with crooks expect to be cheated. It concerns me how deep their tentacles are. There seems to be a common game here. When a FLOSS venture reaches a certain point its seems to be bought out by one of the big 5. Maybe being small is the only solution here? Maybe the big 5 use some of the data they collected to leverage deals?

“When we stop overusing the word ‘bias,’ we can begin to use language that has been designed to theorize at the level of structural oppression.” (via @sarahbmyers)


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