I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand that Apple, Google, or Amazon can simply _decide_ to remove access to anything you've "purchased", including many physical goods (if they are internet-connected and running proprietary software), and you have absolutely no recourse.

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GRANDIOSO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 twitter.com/Dyana_JC/status/14

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@Jaybefaunt You’re always welcome at my house Jay! Pretty much every night here looks like this…

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Let us not forget about Yorkshire Nightingale Hospital.

• It cost £27 million & never treated a single CV19 patient

• This is despite 8,000 CV19 patients dying in their family home

Just one of the many reasons a public inquiry is needed now!

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The White House narrative, brought to you by…*checks notes…an actor.

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Más de 9 millones 600 mil cubanos hemos recibido al menos una dosis de nuestras vacunas contra la COVID-19, frutos genuinos de la ciencia nacional hecha por talentos forjados por la Revolución

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With the rising prices in shops rents energy mortgages and credit it brings an end to the myth higher prices are related to higher wage costs that is now a busted flush low pay and the cost of living was to keep us in our places and break collective bargaining.

El diplomático Alex Saab lleva 487 dias secuestrado en Cabo Verde, merece estar en libertad es un hombre inocente y leal que sigue en resistencia por el pueblo venezolano.

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Daniela Ortiz, artista anticolonial: "El monumento a Colón sostiene la narrativa racista que sigue permitiendo el saqueo al Sur" es.rt.com/8pv3

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Ni de onomásticas ni de hispanidad. Yo soy más del 14 de abril ❤️💛💜

Buenos días, buena gente 🤗

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"El doce de octubre de 1968 Guinea Ecuatorial recuperaba su independencia y dejaba de estar bajo la colonización española, después de casi dos siglos".


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“I'm a club owner. I deal in girls.”

Italian movie poster for John Cassavetes’ The Killing of a Chinese Bookie featuring Ben Gazzara by Setaccioli (1976).

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I hate leaf blowers with every fiber of my soul. I am behind this ban completely. When I lived in neighborhoods in Cali this way a particular torture to hear at 7 am the dreaded leaf blower. I would make this a federal ban.

Use a f*** ‘in rake. twitter.com/sarcasmstardust/st

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WikiLeaks accepts submissions of political or historical importance that are censored or otherwise suppressed:
Submit: wikileaks.org/#submit
Donate: shop.wikileaks.org/donate

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