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YouTube of progressive news stories is getting more and more out of hand.
All @withMEAA journalists should kick back at these attacks on the .

‘YouTube ban on Consortium News Live! showing ‘Palestine: 20 Years Later’ &

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My favorite people are the ones who can recognize that they got duped, admit it, and learn from it. We’ve all gotten duped at some point. Don’t let your ego hold you back. twitter.com/paulsorrentino3/st

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As the moratorium expires, the people who will be facing evictions will predominantly be from historically marginalized communities, so Black families, Latino families, mothers and children are the ones most at risk.

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Teniendo en cuenta que de quien habla fue deportada de Colombia después de ver cómo asesinaban a un amigo suyo a balazos, no sé si es un parecido o más bien un deseo lo que ve María Andrea entre nosotras🙄

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New @PushbackShow: Cuba's anti-imperial foreign policy helped end apartheid in South Africa and sustain liberation movements worldwide. Historian Piero Gleijeses says that's one of the main reasons why the US has terrorized the island nation through today. youtube.com/watch?v=PYJkE-qgKJ

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So @RepAdamSchiff - one of the most pro-war, anti-Palestinian Dems in Congress - showed up at for a photo-op with Jesse Jackson today.

I asked him if the $4 billion for apartheid Israel & regime change wars he supports should instead be spent on free housing

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Cops bring assault rifles to evict the homeless off of Venice Beach

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Meanwhile, Daniel Hale just spent his birthday in prison after exposing this cretin’s vile war crimes. twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/

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Sigourney Weaver on the set of Alien (1979)

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En ungdom jeg kjenner er medlem av Grønn Ungdom og vegetarianer. Helt oppriktig i alt h*n gjør og sier.

Spurte meg "har lyst til å ha twitterkonto" og hjertet mitt sank.
"vent noen år til du orker den massive fordømmelsen du skal få. Twitter er ikke moden for deg ennå".

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The mass media just spent years leading the world on a wild goose chase for Trump-Russia collusion that never existed and now have the absolute gall to act like people are deranged lunatics for not trusting them about elections, viruses and vaccines.

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I was called names when I fought for Corbyn

I was called names when I spoke out against the AS smears

I wonder what names I will be called now that I speak out against vaccine passes, mandatory vaccines snd Digital ID's?

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@alemanya7 @arrese50 ¡Que nuestros nombres no se borren de la historia! No fue guerra civil, fue Golpe de Estado criminal de lesa humanidad, todavía impune!

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@alemanya7 @Miaentuface Desgraciadamente, aunque sea el asesinato más mediático, no fue ni mucho menos el único
Durante los años 40 en el Paredón de Paterna se fusiló en grupo a miles, incluidas mujeres y niños
Cualquier partido, grupo o institución que no lo condene o lo justifique no es demócrata

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cumplirse el plazo, el 5 de agosto, fueron fusiladas.Tenían entre 16 y 29 años.En aquellos días la mayoría de edad estaba fijada a los 21, 7 de las trece eran menores.Desde entonces, se les conoce como las Trece Rosas.Que nuestros nombres no se borren de la Historia'-decían ellas

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