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Worshipping politicians is not how you get them to fight for the policies they campaigned on. Holding their feet to the fire and demanding better from them is. This is now a radical take because half of the left has become a giant cult of personality around @AoC.

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Palestinian woman shoved & pushed by IOF for raising the Palestinian flag.

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My BFF @AnaKasparian always has her finger on the pulse of important news worthy issues like “Can You Spot The Camel-toe” twitter.com/jimmy_dore/status/

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Gonna spill some Korean ☕. If your family came to US fleeing bombs during the war, they were feeling US bombs. North Korea had no bombers. If your family were "rich" before the war, understand Korea was under Japanese occupation. /1

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Met Jeremy today,took a lovely photo,asked him a question,when will you start a new Socialist party?he smiled that lovely smile and he said 2 words to my question..i will not say what they were!!!!but be excited..we love that man.@jeremycorbyn thank you for the photo 💚💚

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Bancos usando los préstamos ICO avalados por el Estado en plena pandemia para endosar seguros y demás productos basura a los clientes.

No son abusos puntuales, es la naturaleza del capitalismo.

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New Israeli PM: 1000s of right-wing nationalists shouting "death 2 Arabs" on the street, Gaza was bombed last night breaking ceasefire, home demolitions, land dispossession & imprisonments of children & political prisoners continue & the world stays silent!

Me da mucha vergüenza pedir esto, pero hace poco falleció mi madre y necesitamos ingresos en casa. Busco trabajo en Madrid, cualquier cosa. Tengo algo de experiencia de reponedor, ayudante cocina, captador ONG, paso CV por MD. Un RT sería de agradecer 🥺🥺

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Boris Johnson described Hancock as ‘totally f*cking hopeless’, according to Cummings

...For once, Boris Johnson is actually saying what everyone is thinking. Allegedly.


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A Palestinian woman was arrested for raising the Palestinian flag in east Jerusalem yesterday by Israeli apartheid forces, my friend Hella Cherif spent her night in detention, on the other hand, Israeli settlers raised Israeli flags and chanted death for Arabs.

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Reports are that @kurd_muna was assaulted by Yakov the Israeli/ American settler living in part of her family home. She has since been detained by Israeli regime forces.

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Watched some of this and literally gasped, repeatedly. I wonder if all the progressive heroes who've been expressing their deep sincere concerns about Jimmy Dore today will be expressing the same sentiments about this filth. twitter.com/aaronjmate/status/

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'Well, at least Netanyahu is gone, eh? We should at least give Naftali Bennett a chance to prove he's different'. 🤡 twitter.com/MuhammadSmiry/stat

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